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I would like to propose a "Scarf & Scavenge" Meet in San Francisco. We could meet at a coffee shop or cafe (hopefully an economically prudent one), then run amok through the thrift stores, surplus stores, junk yards and garbage bins. Perhaps even rampage through that cool art supply store on Market?


I suppose any day of the week would work, if we could get at least a few people together for it. Unfortunately for our werewolf and vampire brethren, store hours would require this to be done during daylight hours.


The current suggestion is for Saturday September 10th, or a weekday in September if that is more amenable. Please weigh in with your availability!


I realize that some other locales in the Bay Area have suitable venues as well, but I am not familiar with them. Therefore, my ability to organize such a meet would be, at best, limited.

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I'd have to do a little research, but the Mission stores can be marvelous. My fave corner is the corner of Thrift Town and Fabric Outlet, a.k.a. 17th and Mission.

Either one of the cool art stores on Market are awfully pricey for a scarf and scavenge run, IMNSHO. If we have vehicles, the place to go is SCRAP.

Overall an excellent idea I think.

SCRAP is fantastic. And not having a vehicle I don't get out there nearly enough.



*Laugh* If only I could get the interest of my adoring retinue for such a project... but I'll see what I can do. It would have to be sometime when I'm in town, which won't happen again until September.

I'm not the least bit afraid of turbulence - what kind of adventuress would I be if I were!! :-)

Seriously.take a look at SCRAP. They are a scavenger's paradise - much more fun than any old hobby shop! It isn't too terribly far from the hobby shop near Mission Bay, at least I don't think so. From Mission Bay we could go to General Bead in SOMA, on Minna between 7th and 8th.I don't know of any good thrift shops in those areas, but that doesn't mean they aren't there...
I live a block from the "Out of the Closet" on Ninth street. Sounds like it could be a fun trip. General bead has limited and odd hours. There is a bead store just a block from there on Howard that has a much larger inventory and good prices. I'll talk to a couple of friends and put together a list of places to which we like to go. Thrift Town is a must. By the way, Pearl Art supply on Market has closed.

Yes, but *I* have a coupon for General Bead! Larger inventory is good, though.

Pearl has gone (and is greatly missed) but some other, much less wonderful, art store has taken its place... and then there's always Flax.

I dunno if your experience has been different, but that particular Out of the Closet has always seemed really lightly stocked to me - I've never found anything there I wanted. On the other hand, the Goodwill on Mission and S. Van Ness is their Flagship store and can take hours to play in all by itself.

Last I saw the signs were still up for the leather store, but we know that doesn't mean much. Fabric Outlet at 17th and Mission sells hides for - comparatively speaking - almost nothing. They aren't the very highest quality but they're a nice sewing weight.

A bigger inventory than General Bead <swoon> - name, please!

I could be very interested in this outing. Can I also suggest Bulder's Resource on amador. It's near SCRAP. It's more used building supplies but I've found some nifty things there a few times. 


Also flora grubb garden also in the bayview area has a ritual coffee shop in it...

Sounds fantastic. Were you thinking of a weekday or weekend? I know many who would be interested, but of course all with different schedules.

I'm going to throw out a date - how about Saturday, September 10th?

My weekday schedules are much easier, so if it happens on almost any weekday in September I'm likely to be free.

Besides the first weekend of September, my weekends are free.  August is completely full now.  Weekdays I'm booked with work. 


Scrap is closed on sundays just for fyi.

Sept. 10 sounds good. I am sending that date, and the web address for Steampunk Empire, out to contacts I have. Also, there's a calendar of Steampunk events in the Bay Area on Facebook at - set up by Heather Bollman and other organizers of Bay Area Steampunk Association FB group. Once most folks have had a chance to weigh in on the date, that would be a great place to publicize this.


Thank you for a great idea!


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