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I would like to propose a "Scarf & Scavenge" Meet in San Francisco. We could meet at a coffee shop or cafe (hopefully an economically prudent one), then run amok through the thrift stores, surplus stores, junk yards and garbage bins. Perhaps even rampage through that cool art supply store on Market?


I suppose any day of the week would work, if we could get at least a few people together for it. Unfortunately for our werewolf and vampire brethren, store hours would require this to be done during daylight hours.


The current suggestion is for Saturday September 10th, or a weekday in September if that is more amenable. Please weigh in with your availability!


I realize that some other locales in the Bay Area have suitable venues as well, but I am not familiar with them. Therefore, my ability to organize such a meet would be, at best, limited.

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To find a route, the first thing we need to know is where we're going. I think we're unanimous on SCRAP (which, in my experience, has always had parking close by).

Where else are we going? Time to start making decisions...

The Out of the Closet on Mission has been closed for ages. The really good Out of the Closet is at Church and Duboce, which has no parking unless you want to risk the Safeway lot across the street, but I have no clue how safe or not safe that is.

I've never been to Flora Grubb Garden, and it sounds extremely cool, but nothing on its website indicates a cafe of any sort. It's in the same neighborhood-ish as SCRAP and Builders Resource, all of which should have easy parking. I don't know about a coffee place around there on a Saturday however - and No, I don't count Jack in the Box!

Thrift Town and Fabric outlet are going to be difficult to park near - of course, we could always get lucky...

If I had to guess - and I am - I'd say that on a Saturday both the big Goodwill and General Bead will have relatively easy parking, unlike a weekday.

For the coffee shop in Flora Grubb you have to go the Ritual Roasters website:

I wish I could, but my transit is no more sophisticated than MUNI and my feet...

Oddly enough, the stuff in the Bayview is close enough together for an easy walk (or a single parking place and then an easy walk) and it's not far off the 9 line. The 9 line also goes right by a Fabric Outlet in SOMA to which I've never been, and the big Goodwill  - from which General Bead is about 4 blocks and Out of the Closet another 2(I think). So quite a bit of it actually could be done by bus...

Sorry - I meant Discount Fabrics, which is in SOMA, on 10th street, I believe.
I have some addresses.  Beyond Beads is at 1251 Howard Street open Sat 11-4 (one half block from Out of the Closet)  Discount Fabrics is on the corner of 11th and MIssion (enter on 11th)   Nearby I would check out "50 thirteenth street outlet" Their name is their address, great odd discount art supplies and unusual beads. Open Sat 10-5  Wish I could join you all, I'll be working that day. The opera season opens that week.  

11am at Flora Grubb's is good for me.

I'm afraid that my feet are my sole transport, so I'm hoping that I can squeeze into the corner of your van.

Are we dressing for this event, or will flagging a pair of goggles be enough?

I had a great time, and next time I'll make sure I don't have to spend the rest of the in front of a sewing machine.  Did your end up working by the way?  A picnic is a great idea now that SF summer has begun.
I love the Arboretum this time of year.
Oooooo... The Arboretum any time of year, really. :-)


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