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Alt. Dance is an alternative dancefloor from a past that never existed. We play traditional music, untraditionally and we dance to have fun! It's the dance party for "all times"!

We are partner dance positive, which is to say we don't mind if you do and we don't mind if you don't. There'll be vendors, some booths in which to talk, a dance floor and a lounge in which to socialize.

Our primary format is a combination of Steampunk and Electro Swing (Electro Swing sampler up above; steampunk sampler coming soon). We'll also have special events like a 90's Night and "Electric Blues."


Every Thursday at DanzHaus
1275 Connecticut Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Doors - 7pm
Cover - $5

Open Dance - 9:30-late

Beyond Beginners Lessons - 7:30-8:30pm
Beginners Lesson - 8:30-9:30pm ($3)

Additional types of dance will be brought in nightly as available. Prices may vary for special events like Feb 9th will be our Valentines Day Ball with special guest Fact 50! Admission is $8, all other prices remain the same.

Join the Facebook Group to stay in the know about special events and guest instructors!

Plus, now we have Steampunk LARP happening alongside the music! We are proud to host the San Francisco chapter of the Seattle and Portland sensation, Rise of Aester

Starting at 9:30pm, DJ TeslaRose will be spinning Steampunk followed by DJ JsinJ who will be spinning Boom Swing!

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