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     Ok, just an easy discussion to get the ball rolling,..... was it Wash and his dinosaurs, Jayne and his guns, Kaylee and her perky sweetness,.....lets hear all about each others favorites.

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my favorite character has to be Badger, just an honest businessman trying to make an honest living in a nifty bowler
River , beautiful, leathal, and a bit crazy , Reminds me of my first 2 girlfriends

;-) Yup.

Mr. Universe and love bot...
I think what made the show for me was the ensemble.  The writing was so good and the whole cast settled in together like one big damn family!  If I had to pick one character it would be Wash.  My real life lovey is much like him.  Extremely competent, imaginative, a little goofy and he just worships the decking his wife walks on. I was heart-boken when Wash died....actually cried.  Silly I know.

Mal in "The Train Job" taught me all I needed to know about Freemasonry -- "a Brother to pirates and corsairs", as they say.


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