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Okay, we all know the cast ,but in the largeness that is the black, who would you be? An honest ship captain just trying to get by,a devout travelling priest, a popular travelling entertainer on the fanciest of leisure ships, an unbroken independent , the possibilities are as unlimited as the stars.So,..... who in the verse are ya? What would be your personna in this little slice of the black?

No, claiming the" Big Da**n Heros".They got their own issues.

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Who would you want to be and who would you be are two different questions. I want to be Jayne, the tough thug, but would almost assuredly end up as Kaylee, the little, love deprived dreamer.
Zoe, because she's smart and tough, without being crazy.
I just gotta play the devils advocate. The misunderstood Reaver. I'm sympathize with the Frankenstein monster.
Ah, I started planning this character shortly after getting my boxed set and sitting down to watch as much of Firefly as my schedule allowed in micro marathons.
While I can't recall the name of the individual, he was the son of a wealthy industrialist in the Alliance, and had a promising career not only as a designer but as heir to the family fortune. He was also a member of the pro-Alliance camp until the Alliance failed to live up to his expectations of what it could be and entered into a war to subdue and dominate the Independents. He therefore began designing a multi-purpose troop and materiel carrier for easy insertion to give to the Independents, he was doing this by getting a grant from the Alliance to design and build the prototype with the plan that the first allotment of production would be 'inconveniently' absconded with, by covert elements of the Independent Military. Unfortunately, the prototype reached completion and was successfully tested as the Battle for Serenity Valley was coming to a close. With the war over, the Cygnus was no longer desired by the Alliance Parliament and he was 'bankrupted' aside from having his prototype, he was left on the hook for the expenditure of the Cygnus. He therefore took the ship and became a small trader, endeavouring to rebuild his fortunes modestly while helping former Independent Worlds as best he could. His 'noble' sentiments soon became tarnished and it wasn't long until he was doing back room deals with the less than savoury types of the Verse.
Who am I in the Firefly/Serenity verse?

I am Mad Mac.

My brand is the double keltic M.

I am from an unlisted moon called Challenger, named for Professor George Edward Challenger the discoverer of the lost world. This is the moon where the dinosaurs mentioned in the plots of various Firefly episodes come from. This moon was paleo-terraformed, restored to as near as earth-that-was-long-ago conditions.
I run a dinosaur ranch. There are many species on the ranch as dino-monocultures simply do not work. Mostly we let them range and harvest a few for meat. We try to minimize the predatory species within the official confines of the ranch. But some of the buggers sneak in from the wild lands that surround us. The combat-dinos are harvested as eggs from our herds and then raised in captivity. An annual quota of eggs must be sent to the Alliance, but I have been known to turn a blind eye to other folks with a somewhat different philosophy acquiring a few eggs now and again. This practice gets me a better class of dino-wranglers than some of my stricter neighbors. That is if you can call somebody living 30 clicks away a neighbor.
A wanderer , Healer, Reader , Former Independent ( 19th Jiang Rangers) , Trading my skills for bed, food, and passage.... and occasional "negotationable affection".
I would be the owner of a used shipyard, outfitter and company that helped setter boldly out in to the verse.
Miroet Kerridan, a self style Paladin from the medieval style planet, Eire. Wandering from planet to planet, because he still hasn't found what he's looking for. Uses swords as well as firearms

Goodness, I love this question! Without a doubt I am the explorer, navigator, astronomer on the very edges of the verse. I undoubtedly have no choice but to receive my funding and grants from the Alliance in order to pursue my life's work, however; they have never uncovered my hidden past as a Browncoat supporter. Of all the knowledge I gain through exploring new potential terraform planets, I only 'officially' report a shaved percentage. What I keep from the Alliance, I give over to the underground Independents who hope one day to pull their tattered ranks back together, to use as bases, caches, and secret training grounds.


In a time of war, leave no man behind!


L. S. A.

Well it is fairly obvious Miss Cherries would be a companion.....and a spy....not low key at all, but thought a rather silly female the ubiquitous Mexican with a leaf welcomed everywhere....without so much as a thought.

Kaylee, definately. She's sweet and childish, but she can kick butt if necesery.

Captain Jack Halloran.  Former Browncoat pilot with the 12th Calvary who dang near died at the Battle of Sturges.  He found himself drifting in The Black in a spider infested space suit for 3 hours awaiting rescue or capture.  It was capture.  He was taken to Stalag 13, the most feared prison camp in the 'Verse.  There he sat out the rest of the war helping to gather Intelligence on the Alliance.


After the war Jack went and worked for various shipping companies until he could finally afford a beat up, decommissioned ALST that he named Vagabond.


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