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A group for Steampunkers that follow the Christian faith.

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This is a group for Christians that enjoy Steampunk.  When all the drama of the world gets you down and it seems like the your metal creation just keeps blowing up in your face, this is a place you can go to be with other believers in fellowship and worship.  God loves you and God bless you!

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A Prayer for help

Started by Claudia E. Davis. Last reply by Captain Jun 20. 12 Replies

My brothers and Sisters, I come to you now asking for help. I found myself once more under tight scrutiny from the elders and I want to ask you all if it is anything that I am teaching. I have…Continue

Couchsurfing -traveling

Started by Captain May 25. 0 Replies might open up some more affordable travel opportunities for folks as well as a chance to meet new people.  There are subgroups for SteamPunk  …Continue

Your Church

Started by Captain. Last reply by Karla Akins May 19. 2 Replies

Just a thread to show off your Church.  Most of us are proud of our Churches as a symbol faith and fellowship.…Continue

Tags: school, Christian, Lutheran, Juneau

I do not wish to offend

Started by Rev. Justin L. Hunt Apr 20. 0 Replies

Hello, I am new to both the Steampunk Empire, and Steampunk in general. I have been building my character and tracing my progress in my blog on here. I have recently written a short story to flesh…Continue

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Comment by Captain on August 1, 2014 at 9:58am

Possibly a little bit of a trip for most folks here but Kevin Sorbo, who is becoming know for both his fantasy and Christian acting roles, will be a guest at:

Comment by Michael Vetter on May 21, 2014 at 3:22pm

Thank you Karla Akins for a great steampunk interview!

Comment by Rev. Justin L. Hunt on May 10, 2014 at 10:52am

I'm glad the Order can be such a witnessing tool. God rocks like that. As to the babysitting thing, when our group is hosting an event (not as often as we would like) we have a couple one hour spots through the course of the day for story time. It's not like the daycare variety that some things have, but it does give the parents and such a place to drop the kids for a little while. We have one member and an assistant tell stories with Christian themes, but that aren't "preachy". Stories like Saint George and the Dragon tend to go over pretty well.

Comment by Teresa Schurter on May 10, 2014 at 1:27am

Hello gentlemen, I've been following the discussion for a few days, and I want to thank you for thinking out loud so we can all be involved in this thru prayer. I've thought some about how to attempt to bring a Christian witness into SP venues, particularly here in Wichita. I've been a lover of all things SP for years, married a "Trekkie" & started watching Dr. Who our first week home from our honeymoon 31 years ago. Soo, finally for my Bday & our 27th anniversary, my darling hubby took me to the Wichita SP convention a few years back. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but I'm disabled so it was big for me to be getting out and attending something like that. My kids couldn't believe I was interested or that I'd go. The weekend opened some wonderful doors that I never would have dreamed of. My kids (we have 6 ages 17-26) were first of all astounded & laughingly told their friends, who were impressed. They saw a side of mom & dad they'd never dreamed of. In turn those friends started gathering around at our home instead of everyone wandering off elsewhere. Through all this activity they also were there when I was finally well enough to start sewing "professionally" again. I was making a cosplay costume for a friend-Princess Zelda or Zenda? I don't remember, I just went with the pics she sent. That stirred them all up to become involved in other LARP activites & reminded them that Mrs. S had made costumes for the older kids to go to Ren Faire. Anyway, one of my big questions has always been how to bring our faith into SP, Ren Faire's or other activities. We're to glorify Him in all we do, but how do we do it when we're involved in a fantasy activity? We really have struggled with this as parents, who love these events & now have involved our own & other Christian children in them.  I made LOTR costumes for five teen boys for the Smaug movie, & previously made several for the older boys to attend the GP Ren Faire. The boys have been helpers there, but never made contact with any other believers other than their friends who attended with them. Since they're all very active in ministry opportunities, I think they'd like to be involved in ministry w/in the Cosplay and LARP activities as well. I've wondered why we can't do "living history" fictional accounts that can be fun & bring glory to the Lord as well. After all, Moody was there in the Victorian age, as you've said Camp & Revival meetings were huge & Luther had a small part in medieval history too. We're not preachers, but we'd try to help support some activity that could reach the teens and younger crowd that are just on the beginning of their involvement in these activities. It seems to be something that stays with you as you "grow up." :) My husband and I have both struggled w/ balancing the question of how much time should be given to fantasy & should true believers really spend time on it at all, so it is encouraging to hear a frank discussion by leaders in the work. I'm also very thankful for the link to the Most Noble Order, my sons will be on that site tomorrow along with four other boys I've made costumes for. We did wonder, If you had "baby-sitters" at the Wichita convention that were in costume & who told stories with a message there might be some response and numbers. Parents always like free baby sitting and then some families may begin attending, boosting conference attendance and the message will get out at the same time. It's just an idea I had three years ago when I saw little kids with no real activities geared just for them. When you think about some of the lame themes for VBS I don't think it'll be too hard to come up with an equivalent of a five-day-club type of meeting for a weekend convention.  Just some thoughts in the dark of the night about how to bring His Light to a small corner where it's needed.

Comment by Rev. Justin L. Hunt on May 8, 2014 at 5:17pm

Thank you, Chaplain.

Comment by The Chaplain (David Calame) on May 8, 2014 at 10:18am

Rev Hunt, I am actually familiar with The Most Noble Order of the Rouse Clan. I follow them on facebook. God bless you and your ministry.

Comment by Rev. Justin L. Hunt on May 8, 2014 at 9:56am

Unfortunately, I'm stuck in north west Ohio. Most of my travel time is spent doing reenactments. I portray generic English nobility most of the time, but I am playing King Edward I of England soon. I'm keeping my eyes open for SP events in this area. And Chaplain, I know how discouraging it can be seeing people play act the faith as part of a character and put it off with their goggles. As a medieval reenactor I run into that a lot. But it is so rewarding to see someone's life touched by taking the time to aid them in the love of God. The Most Noble Order of the Rouse Clan (the medieval troop I belong to) is a Christian organization and we have a hard time convincing people that loving Christ isn't an optional part of it. A while back we had a couple of legitimate Thor worshipers try to join. They actually thought that we were joking when we said they had to convert to Christianity in order to take the vows of knighthood in the Order. But in like fashion, the Order has promoted Christian chivalry enough to be considered friends with Chivalry for Children and other organizations. And, our work has been used to spread the Word to groups that would otherwise not have heard it in any memorable way. All passions can be used to God's glory when given to Him. May God bless all the efforts of those who try to reach out in his name. Amen.

Comment by The Chaplain (David Calame) on May 7, 2014 at 8:42pm

If you are in the Wichita KS area and are looking for a fun Steampunk event to attend, check out Steampunk Day at Old Cowtown Museum on May 24, 10am -5pm.  Admission rates are only $7.75 - Adults (18 to 61), $6.50 - Senior Citizens (62 and older), $6.00 - Youth (12 to 17), $5.50 - Children (4 to 11) and there is
no charge for children under 4. This is a one day event. For info and photos from last year and previous go to the Old Cowtown Museum website at  Hope to see you there!

Comment by The Chaplain (David Calame) on May 7, 2014 at 8:34pm

Thank you Lady Beatrix.  When I tried the Sunday school at the Expo (which was at a Hilton, not a motel) I was able to post on the Expo facebook page about the event. No one objected to that. And I was allowed to use one of the panel rooms; since it was prior to opening nothing was scheduled in there at the time.  I could not get it added to the official schedule due to the endorsement issues I previously discussed. But with it being before opening on Sunday morning after so many of the Expo attendees staying out late Saturday at the concert and after concert parties, no one was ready to get out for a Sunday school class at the Expo prior to opening Sunday morning.  I elected to do a Sunday school class since 1. it was in the Victorian era that the Sunday school as we know it today really came into being and 2. a smaller more intimate and casual setting seemed more to the setting and easier to be accepted, as well as more easily conducted, than a more formal church service.

Rev. Hunt: I wish you my best. Please keep us posted how it turns out. I like your idea of a SP themed service.

It has been my experience that you will find mostly the same people at the Steampunk cons as you find at the Ren Faires and the Anime Cons.  There is a lot of overlap.  Which is one of the reasons for my developing "The Chaplain". My desire is to be a festivals chaplain for all the festivals and cons these people, many who have over the past few years have become good friends, attend or work at.  I don't have the funds to travel to cons outside the area but I attend as many cons and con related events as I can here at home and make myself available as much as possible.  That means the Great Plains Renaissance Festival twice a year, Anime Festival Wichita (AFW), Encounters Convention, Emerald City Steampunk Expo, activities of the Great Plains Steampunk and Wichita Steampunk groups (like Steampunk Day at Old Cowtown Museum later this month - 5/24) and gatherings of Super Nerd Night Wichita.  Its not quite like being a hospital or police or fire station chaplain. Its more like being a bikers chaplain. Its ministry to a sub culture. But rather than bikers, its nerds and geeks with some rockers, gypsies, and pirates thrown in mix. And with it being a sub culture, most of these people have their everyday lives and personas quite different from their convention lives and personas. They are students, business people, homemakers, parents, bus drivers, artists, musicians, writers, film makers, office workers, cashiers, etc. They are only airship crewmembers on the weekends when they can get the time off.  And when they are not at the festivals and conventions, they have their own churches or other spiritualities or non-spiritualities that they go to. So its a long slow process of developing relationships with people one only sees periodically through the year.  I can use all the prayer support you can give me.  It can be discouraging work. Please pray I see some rewards soon.

FYI: Emerald City Steampunk Expo is the largest Steampunk con in the central US and is held annually in Wichita KS.  It has been on the first weekend of November at the downtown Hilton but we are waiting news now from the organizers about possible date and venue changes for 2014.  Check them out on facebook or the website. Maybe if you can be in the area, we'll see you there. 

Comment by Lady Beatrix Kittywick McCormick on May 7, 2014 at 7:28pm

Greetings! Kindly allow me to toss my hat into the ring. I've attended delightful services at campgrounds, cafes, and motels in the course of my travels. I don't generally seek them out, but become apprised of their existence by friendly folks passing out flyers, or notices posted nearby. I don't care for long winded diatribes, which put a great many people off searching or worshiping all together. Instead, a short time of encouragement from the Word is all I need to be refreshed. Keeping it short (and advertising this fact) is key, considering that con goers and/or travelers will be eager to move on to other activities.

I would love to attend a Sunday morning service featuring a Victorian era sermon, though! The prerequisite for something like that would be having sufficient notice so I could time my morning preparations. It takes an hour or more to dress appropriately for SP gatherings. This could be achieved by advertising the event well before the convention, and holding the service in a privately rented motel room at the convention, at a park, cafe, or other nearby area. (I prefer an open air venue.) Perhaps the event organizers would be open to allowing you to post the event in a comment thread on their social media pages and/or put up tasteful flyers near the convention check in desk.


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