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"Gentlemen (and ladies of a robust constitution) - please join us in the salon for drinks, pipes, cigars and discussions of a martial overtone.  All of the things that may be suggested by some as indicative of
"masculine compensation," but we know are really just a good time of friendly boasting.  No subtext - really... none... none at all...  "Ladies and the Welsh welcome."

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Jack Daniels green is a bit rough.  I find it excellent in the preparation of an old fashion smoked ham. 
Hmmm I can only go on rumour, however I will take your words into consideration and approach said concoction wiht care and caution.

I know a gentlemen who does a Jack turkey for the holidays. I'm sure it's done the same way as your ham.

Herr Doctor,you are most welcome.  I actually have some Woodford Reserve in my glass at the moment, so please feel free to share with us your favourite bourbons.  (Though no Louis XIV jokes please)
How do you mean, Louis XIV jokes? Like... How many Bourbons does it take to change a chandelier?
XIV *impish grin*

Freiherr Staffel, I know it's a day past Weinachten, but I realize that I forgot to post this prior.  A little Christmas music, that I thought you might enjoy.


Stepping out of present time to the future... right now the windows of the house are rattling to the sound of "Der Graf Remix of Unheilig's Machine". 
They are a bit silly this evening, though I might have had something to do with the left turn down music row...  Welcome Herr Osier.  Would you like a single malt or a bourbon.
We have that as well.  If you want entertainment toss out a question like, "what is better, a webly or C96 Mauser"?
I must concer, but then again I am disposed to Mausers and in a more contemporary settings Sig Sauer.

c96 mauser and even the bolo mauser a quite cool.lest us not forget the ever near lugur and manlicher.far as revolvers go im more fond of the s and w schofield revolver , lil older but still very effective


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