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Hi, I’m horatio. I write poetry and short stories; compose music, sing, play guitar, harmonica, piano; I dabble in graphics, sculpting, sketching, painting, animation etc. I study science, history, prehistory, literature, mythology, anthropology and so forth… I’m attracted to people and places that are way off the beaten path and creativity is my life’s blood. It is a pleasure to be counted among your number, and I thank you, AetherPower, for starting this wonderful group.

I believe you are doing something great!
Sir , The Professor presents his compliments - with so much to be modest about he will confine his comments ... Yours , Sebastian Fate
Modestly stated, sir.

You know, in my part of the world, the heat is currently descending upon us like ill-begotten firedrakes spilling from the mouth of a phoenix during rebirth, but to quote the words of the great Yogi Berra, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humility!

Good to see you hereabouts Professor!
Dear Dr. Horatio , In the far South Land - where the Poetry is only succeeded by the Prosaic - it is all the deep dark depth of Winter . Lord Winter sends his regards .
Veronique Chevalier, Mad Sonictist, a votre service! I am the (Français-American) Chanteuse (Songstress) known as The "Weird VAL" of Dark Cabaret.

I've been described *blush* as "an unparalleled Parodist"; a Steampunk Chanteuse, and Spooky Polkanista; "a campy incarnation of Edith Piaf from a parallel universe - the one in which her parents are Jim Morrison, and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and her godparents are Lucille Ball and Weird Al".

I am a self-proclaimed "Mad Sonictist," and I take maniacal pleasure in combining previously unrelated musical forms into new, unholy combinations. I vow to leave no genre unadulterated in my quest to create the ultimate Sonic Frankenstein.

Although when I perform in publique, I appear solo (accompanied by my "invisible" accordionist Francois), I thrive on working with other artistes on my projects. The more and the madder, the merrier!
Salutations from whenever I am. My name is Malcom Schreeck and I am the lyricist/singer for Unextraordinary Gentlemen. I am currently based in Los Angeles, California, United States Of Something-or-Other. Who are you?
...and some of Mr. Schreeck's work can be found here:

I am Doctor Xenos, professor of mad science, writer, mythographer, composer, musician, and thespian. I have a great love of theater, which is the collaborator's art par excellence as it requires writers, designers, composers, lyricists, actors, costumers, painters, etc. to work collectively on a single production. Many years ago, my wife, Clare de Lune, and I wrote a couple of comic cabaret songs for a party. Two theater students heard us and wanted to choreograph the songs - so we performed our little joke again. More folks were enchanted and joined us, and we kept writing songs, and it became the vaudeville revue we call Cabaret Decadance. I still don't really understand what happen next - it took on a life of its own. The Cabaret became a space where some women found they could express aspects of their femininity that were otherwise silenced. Our Cabaret became a kind of mystery cult where talented, sexy, classy women found their voice, their power, themselves. It transformed lives. It developed its own mythology and mystique. We were adopted by Gilded Age Records, and the steampunk community in general, because of our vintage aesthetic - no electric guitars, no drum machines, lots of polkas, waltzes, and swing tunes & soft-shoe, slap-stick, vaudeville, circus music. And the truth is, I've always felt at home in a top-hat and tails. So I'm happy to be here. I also dabble in websites. I just finished this one: I've attempted to capture the steaminess, the mystery, and the mythos - while presenting all the basic information fans need. I'd love to hear what you folks think about this project -per the "what you've done" thread as suggested. I'd also love to help brainstorm on other people's ideas. I'm very impressed with the creative spirits at play in this enchanted Empire.
Greetings! My current endeavors include traipsing about in an unseemly manner with a wanton troupe of dance performers, The Corpsewax Dollies. As you may glean from said form of address, we do relish the shadowy realms of life and death. Our morbid cabaret shows include as well a liberal application of humor and nonsensical fun as do the best parlour games.
When last I had the pleasure of the esteemed artist Marcel Duchamp's companionship, we did wonder at the perpetual interest in the accoutrement and subsequent removal of various articles of fashion, until he flashed his well-turned ankle and caused the blushing company in the drawing room to quickly alter the subject of conversation.
Pardon my divergence from the topic.
My activities also include drawing, painting, ferret training, and writing letters to my darling sister, who lives a dull life incarcerated (for her own health) in the attic of my brother-in-law's chalet in Chamonix. The remainder of the days and evenings I spend attending to needlework, light reading, and the creation of hair lockets and mourning wreaths to commemorate the deceased.
Pleased to make your aquaintance.
Hello, everyone, I'm Lily. As shown by my handle, I'm primarily a blacksmith for a living, with a specialty in horseshoeing. I also spin, weave, knit, embroider, sew, work leather and write. Herbalism is an ongoing hobby, and I also maintain my license as a pharmacy technician. My particular area of study in the pharmaceutical fields is the interaction between the new medical wonders and older herbal remedies. I try, and usually fail, to draw. I study comparative religion, anthropology, literature, and many things medical for both equines and humans. I also gentle and train horses in the fine arts of dressage and endurance riding.
And here I call her GG she is a master of disguise and will assist any in the empire to hide from those trying to find them by disguisng them as other people she also is able to find any gadget that is needed at an agreed price...... lol Well its a start hey GG
"I am Dr! Jarvis Whitecastle -"

Alright, that's enough being in character. Out of character, I am known as "Atadiusti" or "Thorn" as it translates, and I am also called "Joe" for legal purposes. I am a musician, sketch artist, and writer of both prose and poetry. I am currently shaping an alternative/symphonic rock band together, and have various story ideas and songs in the works. I can sing, and play mallet percussion, cane whistle, clarinet (sort of, cannot "get over the break" very well) I also dabble in watercolor paintings.


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