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Are there any upcoming events that people are getting excited for? Post them here.

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I am planning to attend the art walk. I do not have a dress yet so I will be blending in with the current time period.

this is more LA area, but Veronique Chevalier is performing...

What kind of music?
I'm not sure about the other bands. Veronique is a "french" chantreuse that does covers of the doors, Tom Lerher, and some of her own... think if Weird Al were to be bred with Celene Dion... ;)
I am excited for the. Riverside Dickens festival January 7&8 2012.

I hope to have my outfit rdy by then.

I read it was in Feb.

Hmmm is there a link to sample it.

this is the facebook link for the event:


the list of performers includes their homepage so you should be able to there.


Getting ready for the Riverside ghost walk tonight. Heard its fun :)
Had a great time downtown. There was alot of costumes but no steampunk. I was sad
there where games and music and tours. I love they are doing more stuff downtown.
Came across this event

Gaslight gathering
may 11-13 2012 in San Diego


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