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Is it really ever too early to start a discussion of Christmas projects? Here you may post steampunk ornaments or thrifty gift ideas. How about homemade greeting cards or wrapping paper?
This is the picture that prompted this train of thought (found on Etsy):

The sweepings from the workshop floor become very festive when used to fill a glass Christmas tree ball. 

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I think you win for the combination of sheer SP creativity and zero environmental impact! Nicely done.

The Widow Next
I'm afraid that I didn't make this ornament, I only found the picture of it on Etsy. It had already been sold. I was looking for empty clear glass ornaments when I stumbled across this.
You can get the plain glass ornaments sometimes at craft/art supply stores like Micheal's or Deserre's.

What a nice idea.
Lady Rooney,

Oops, my mistake. I really need to wear my spectacles more often. Still, I have seen some of what you create, you are a very talented craftswoman!

Have a lovely day,

The Widow Next
No problem. I just didn't want it to seem like I was taking credit for something I didn't do.
The Etsy seller can be found here:
I am looking covetously at some of the sets of gears they sell, right now.
I'm ogling those antique watch faces. The site is lovely, nice digging!


The Wid00000000000000(cat)w Next!
The oldest Xmas ornaments on my grandparent's tree were hand-painted walnuts (the shell part). I've made them myself for presents: simply take a walnut, carefully split it (it must be hollow, lighter that way) in two and empty the meat (EAT!). You will break a tragedy!
Then take a SMALL drill bit, and make a pair of holes near the top pointy end of the shell halves. This will be used to attach the heavy carpet thread (or other shiny thread or VERY narrow ribbon) to the shell.

I tie a thread through the holes making a loop with the know inside, then glue the halves back together.
Now you can paint the walnuts. I use gold paints for glitzy versions, and Xmas colors of any variety. They were NOT clear-coated to my remembrance, relying on the bright colors rather than shine. Glass ornaments were a later invention.

My grandparents were in their late 90's when they died in the early 1970s, the decorations had been around since they were children in the late 1800's. I believe that makes them of the Victorian Period, even if they were German.

And anyway, Xmas trees are essentially a German invention, brought to the Victorian court by Albert and his ilk IIRC.
That's sounds wonderful.
Here is a link I found, that if you scroll down, shows a illustration of the walnut ornament and other Victorian Christmas traditions.
Thank you for the link, many of the things described were done at my maternal grandmother's house. I remember prunes stuffed with walnuts or stewed glazed apricots; date nut rolls; strings of dried fruits that you ate right off the tree; and gingerbread shapes that you also ate off the tree.

If you're interested, the Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing will be putting out a Christmas EP too!
This tutorial for a typewriter key ornament was posted on the blog, Under the Table and Dreaming, a few days ago.
Lady Roony, you do come up with the best links! Thank you. I believe I will do the stenciled felt snowflakes for my tree this year, and the tassels might look great on any SP outfit!


The Widow Kate Next


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