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For the younger guttersnipes, there are several sites that offer free printable Victorian paper dolls.

Embellishing Paper dolls to make ornaments:

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More free clip art. These would be great for decorating and printing out your own party invitations, or some of the gears would make good stencils.

Alice in Wonderland
Here is another link to a creating a Victorian Puppet Theatre:
The Fuel for the Boiler steampunk cookbook is available as a free download:

Fuel for the Boiler Cookbook

This is no longer free i have ordered it from amazon is there any other way to get it for free online

Yes,if you don't mind it in PDF format. Here it is:

Thank i have it now there are few other links on here that don't work either

Girl Genius Online Comics has a page of free printables. We used the cute airship printables to make a mobile for my son's last birthday.
Free printable Victorian dollhouse furniture
SteamPunk Magazine is available for free digital downloads:
I know it's a long time until Valentine's Day, but I just found this free printable steampunk Valentine card. It doesn't actually say Valentine's Day, so I figure it's perfect for any time of year.


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