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A committee can be formed as to who is going to be involved in this project. The core group should be of a small size as to ensure that preparation is done accordingly.

We used to have a Cthulu Larp in Rhode Island that was steampunk based. Not very large, 25-30 people but was a great time getting together for weekend gigs.



Ok so I believe l would have access to a huge section of 85-90 acres in Creedmoor. We should have a gigantic field plus a wooded area. Which is there. The space is shared by a local haunted attraction which would help bring people in as well.

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I'm good with this. I'm pretty excited about the ideas we come up with.

My first thought at this point in the morning about this is: Would we be better off running a LARP or battle scenarios?

Are we looking at a weekend long event? I have to say I'm leaning towards this myself. 

Should we have a fully fleshed out merchanting area? 

Figuring out dates would be a good idea!

Depending on when it is, I'd love to go.  I wouldn't be able to be on any committees though as I live too far afield.

I would love to help with the planning.  I'm about 3.5 hours west of Creedmoor, but I can certainly lend a brain to this one.

We have to decide if this is going to be an open-to-the-general-public sort of event, of if it's going to be what my more snotty reenacting buddies used to call FUBU events.  Do we put on a show for the public, or do we put on a show for ourselves and for the sake of a show.  Basically this is the LARP vs. Reenactment question.  I've done lots of 24-hour scenario paintball games in the past, and they were always more like larping.  There were no spectators, just other people in character with guns... which is kind of how I pictured this running.

Maybe we should start small and try to grow it.  I'd sure love to field a squad of Airship Marines!

I like the idea of it being a closed event. I'm not opposed to mundanes watching, I would want a ton of spectators along those lines though.

I'm certainly willing to listen to a reasoned argument of course!

I like the idea of unit encampments. Something much like the way the SCA does camping. I think it works really well, and there's just no reason to reinvent the wheel with something so fundamental. 

Agreed.  As much as reenactors balk at the idea of considering their hobby to be larping, it damn well is!!  Ugly people don't like to be called ugly, but if the paper bag fits...

SCA and reenacting know how to do it right.  I think that we should do this a few times on our own before we invite the public to come see it.  Kind of like dress rehearsals before the big show.  :^)

I would have always considered larping to require creating a character, and having a system for gaining experience, advancing, etc... in the context of the game rules. I can see what you're getting at.

As far as the real world practical stuff, yeah, I think we can definitely agree they know their stuff.

What sort of event should it be?

A "war" with linked scenarios to be fought as battles? We could do smaller skirmishes that lead up to a larger battle, and the sides get different things for having won different scenarios. If we LARP we might as well do a large scale LARP!

The wargamer in me is poking through...

The more I think about it the more excited I get about it!

DO we want to do that? Would we rather have two competing companies? What about two different national forces?

Personally I like the idea of one side being a pirate ship, and the other side being the royal aero-navy. As hard as it would be to show air combat, perhaps one side being the East India Trading Company and the other being the Zeiss Mineral Company (I may have made one of those up) vying for control in some African nation, each with its own mercenaries and allies.

I think we should look at smaller scenarios as well.

How about a saboteur on an airship? Perhaps a murder mystery for one of the crews, something like a murder dinner? A street fight? A team that is trying to shut down a secret project?

If there are enough people during the big battles, how about separate fights? Perhaps one that is the main battle, one that is a group defending their anti-aircaft battery, and one that is a squadron of fighters attacking one of the ships?

We could do some funky stuff. 

Any thoughts of using a straight up LARP system?

I think we ran into the limit of replying... 

I'd love to check out that document. Can you send it to me here?

We may need to do this online, Skype or something. I'm a student and the next two months are really financially tight.

The greater Charlotte area works best for me for the time being!

I just have to say that if it's too close to Charlotte, I'll not be able to make it probably.  that's about a 6-7 hour drive for me...Raleigh is about between would be doable, I think.  Then again, depending on the time it's held, I may not be able to go anyway.  The entire month of August is out for me (I'll be in the UK and then to DragonCon).

Ciaran, if we met in say Greensboro, I could come by Huntersville and pic you up.  I have to go through Charlotte on my way that direction anyway.

I have to say, I teach high school theater and I have a show in production for the next couple months.  It will likely be hard for me to get away too.  Skype or using the chat feature on here might be the best option until things free up after April.

Should we allow airsoft and Nerf, of just Nerf only?  Eye protection should be required either way, but I just want to know what kind of arms to prepare.   


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