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Not sure if this is this best venue or not but I'm at a loss for another....

I'm starting a small gaming group, primarily a fantasy setting however elements of steampunk genera will be present ...

If interested contact me here or email me at: cores

Sorry if this bothered anyone but I'm jonesing to play....

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Like table top gaming? I've never played, but have always wanted to.

Yes pen and paper table top stuff.

Count me in! My friends and I tried to get a game of steampunk d20 going but it kinda fell apart

I'll post a flavor sample I just wrote here to night... and the email for this is corestara@gmail...damn phone auto corrected .... lovely smart tech

Flavor text to show a bit of the feel....

She looked up into the sky and saw threw the forest canopy, seeing the same stars and shattered moon she’d always seen before. But this night that view was different more sinister, tonight something new stalked the forest of her childhood. Already it had claimed one of her misbegotten group, poor little Anohal had been plucked right from within their group, one second she was there the next only her screams remained.
Cress was going to make damn sure the rest of them made it to walled village this night. The little halftling, a bard like so many of her other people, had been quietly humming a tune when the thing had snatched her, it had glittered like gold in the torch light made no sound and was gone with its prize before Cress had a chance to even fully draw her sword.
Now the five remaining companions cursed ever leaving the shelter of the People of the Root’s camp Anohal had been against it from the beginning but Cress and Wyn had thought they could cover the 20 miles between the camp and the village with ease that day.
Of course they would have if it hadn’t bee for the encounter with the Gnolls and the band of strange little wooden men who glowed with a greenish flame inside them. Not a soul would ever believe that tale not even if Anohal was still with them.
Three more hours hard travel and they should reach the village clearing edge than maybe 2 more hours in the clear to the wall.
Suddenly out of the shadows to their left a small shape broke from the greater darkness and made for them. Anohal running for her life as fast as her little legs could carry her crashed into Wyn. Both went sprawling without a cry, Anohal was first to her feet.
“Everyone follow me no sound I escaped them but the village is gone They destroyed it.” Her small voice carried command and the group obeyed without question.
But the questions would come by the hundreds when the group made it back to Derinthal … if they made it back!

I am still working out a few things including a schedule.... mostly technical stuff however

sorry its take me so long to respond about this my life got very crazy for a while I've not given up on this I'm still developing the base material and hope to have something else to show interested persons soon


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