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Having recently watched this wonderful short tv programme called My Transsexual Summer (about these group of transsexual people who go on a retreat and they support and help each other) and it somehow felt very close to home, BUT! I've never ever thought "hey! I'd rather be a boy" and those kinds of things, but I do however enjoy playing shapeshifter in roleplay and games and the such and being both genders. At this, I realised I do tend to feel both like a woman, and a guy (depending on different situations) I often tried to describe how I saw myself as like a transgender guy who became a girl or like a flamboyant gay guy who prefers dressing in feminine clothing. I enjoy being girly, and wearing girly things, but sometimes the way I act and feel just doesn't fit into "I AM WOMAN" box, that and the way I think and learn. I'm a very visual learner which is more often associated with men than women.
Sometimes I wish I were able to switch between being a woman and a man because it'd be fun and suit whatever mood I'm in, but the unfortunate case is that people can't really do that.

I don't enjoy being defined as a "WOMAN", I like people to not see me as my gender but as who I am. I sometimes dress sexy lady, other times neutral ambiguous mysterio. I wouldn't say I am both boy AND girl, I feel more like an undefined non-specific gender with a very sexy lady's body. *wink wink nudge nudge*

I'd like to know what other people think, and if there are any other androfolk out there~


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My best friend's been experiencing something similar. I'll ask him about this. :)

Lady B.


I think you are actually being more real with yourself than many people bother.  Have often seen people letting gender define personality, or to say other way, letting expectations limiting expression.

           Question to you is this.  How did You come to grasp with comfort these "male" aspects of personality?

I have three brothers and a father who have made my life more boyish than my mother's influence. I've always enjoyed being slightly guyish because it's who I am, I've never wanted to be anything else. I see no reason in changing myself for other people's opinions.

What, Reynolds, ya mean me? This sounds like it fits me exactly except the fact that I'm biologically male and tend more towards male than female, but that's to be expected.

Why yes, Garrett, yes I do mean you. ^^

Aye! I'm biologically female, side more with the female aspects, but I definetely have male aspects in there.

Androgynous? Me? Whatever do you mean?

Gorgeous! Did you make the kimono yourself? C:

I like the kimono ^_^

*Bows* Thank you!

Almost sounds like you're a genderqueer ^_^


I've also been watching the Transsexual Summer series. I know I wouldn't want to be permanently stuck with a vagina or penis... let me temporarily have one or the other and switch to a sexless neutral when I need to get people off me. Ah fantasy!


I think I'm a visual learner, to watch and then do it works best for my learning. Reading something only goes so far when you have an active imagination.

I think the thought of being able to shift back and forth is very appealing.  I, too, wish we could do that! 


With that said, I don't think I really feel very androgynous, even though I often dress in men's clothing.  Being built like a linebacker has its drawbacks when searching for feminine garb.  Heck, I get called "Sir" very often and I don't think that I'm THAT mannish looking, despite my height and girth.  Maybe I'm just deluding myself...


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