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Me and my boyfriend have decided to take a photo shoot of our costumes in front of this very beautiful old church. The plan is to do a little of everything, he really wants kissing photos and who am I to disagree? His best friend is going to root through her closet and join us as well. I'm very exited and I keep making tweaks to my costume, which still needs a vest. I have never worn my costume for people before or done any cosplay in the past so I am a little nervous. I live in a small eccentric town and I am a drama student, so I don't really mind the publicity of it all. I will for sure be uploading photo's as soon as we get our act together!

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Sounds like a fun outing. I hope it goes well and you share with the group  :)

It can be lots of fun ^_^ Good luck with the shoot.

The photoshoot sounds lovely! Best of luck, and I can't wait to see the pictures, :)

have a ball playing dress-up and have a blast with your boyfriend !!!!!!!!!

Oh, do by all means share the daguerrotypes, tintypes or whatever else you use.  So that the rest of us may take delight in your sepia-toned seduction.  I for one enjoy ever so much a grand performance.  The play's the thing, wot?   

Oh you saucy thing you, remember we're not just going to be in front of the church, we both have to think of more places. We want diversity in our photos, yes? :) <3

It's good to hear from another who is in the same boat. I'm transgendered too :)

I'm also trans; FtM.  So of the requisite letters, I'm a G, a T, and a Q.  I just look mostly like an L, except furrier maybe.  As I say to the prejudiced who ask, close enough.

 As for "church"-- there are actually quite a few where identity is not an issue.  In real life, I have worked in ship engine rooms ala my SteamPersona.  But I also have an MA in theology.  Not as rare as you might imagine.  The whole field, of whatever denomination, has LGBTQ numbers way disproportionate to the total population. 

I think it's an extremely ancient pattern.  Shamans, seers, and healers have always emerged to a great extent from gay and trans people. Then there are the artists, musicians, and scientists. 

 We could be considered a mechanism of biological survival for the group.  As non-breeders, we can help with raising kids, an immense job for people on the open African savannah or huddled in European caves.  We'd have time to notice weather patterns over years.  Or experiment with new foods or new tools.  And just who do you think did those fabulous cave paintings?!            

I'm FTM as well!

I'm not concerned about the church at all, our town is pretty accepting of queer people. Little towns can be a blessing in that way.

And I completely see what you're talking about with the cave paintings. It explains so much :D

Wow!!!  That is impressive.  The implication is that your comment regarding green tech being hidden away got you in trouble.  You're in the company of Andrei Sakharov, one of the Russian inventors of the Tokamak system.  He became anti-war/anti-nuke weapons, which of course brought the wrath of the authoritarians.  But at least he had connections since he was well-known. 

As for the egos, it seems that thinking they're the master of the very small makes them believe they are very big.  They should consider the size of the cosmos. 

IMO, self-centeredness is the defense of a self doubtful of its identity.   Bravado meant to block the sensation of not being fully alive, of existing as fragments only loosely connected.  A deep fear kept masked that doubts love and denies that human life has any real purpose.  Be not afraid...  

I'm new to Cosplay too.  I have yet to have any negative reactions.  I live in a large city (Toronto)... not even a negative reaction taking the subway system.

 All the best on your photo shoot.  I know some folks have taken a look at second hand stores for vests... Value Village/Salvation Army/Goodwill.  Also most sewing pattern companies have vest patterns... but that's a bit of sewing!

I look forward to seeing the photos.  I need to do this too and hope to take part in some photo shoots with the Toronto Steampunk Society!  So I will be looking to you for a good example!  :-)

May I bid you welcome to our fair city, Lady Alice!  You may wish to take a look at the Toronto Steampunk Society... They are on Facebook.  All the best!


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