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I'm pleased to announce that as of July 10th, the "Facebook Wing" of "Out" From Behind The Curtain...  is open!

And for those of you who are also on facebook, I highly encourage you to join us there as well!  To be added into the group, send me a facebook friend request at:

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ CARFULLY!:  It's difficult for me to tell group members apart from many other general friend requests I recieve on facebook from Steampunk folk...- So be sure to also send me a message to let me know that you are a member of the group and wish to be added in!  Reminding me of your screename here on Steampunk Empire definately helps!  ^_^

I find that I've had a number of members who've just sent friend requests which I've accepted, but I've not added them into the group page, simply because I didn't know.  Sometimes these folks think they've joined the facebook group page simply because I accepted the friend request - my personal facebook profile is NOT the group page - It's merely the first step to getting there.  Because of the group's facebook privacey settings, you'll not be able to search and find it there on your own.  You'll know if you've been added because the group will appear in your list of facebook groups to the left side of your main facebook newsfeed and I will formally announce your addition to the rest of the group. ^_^

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If you're on facebook - do join us there as well!


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