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As membership continues to grow, it has been my thought for some time now that it would be wonderful to have a membership pin for the group. This was further reinforced when Lady Grace brought up in discussion that we could use "a pin or some other sort of identifier so that we might more easily recognize one another when our paths cross" - at conventions and whatnot.

So it is my pleasure to announce that official "Out" Fron Behind The Curtain... membership pins are now available! 

Get yours today by simply sending me a self adressed envelope with .65¢ postage!

I don't wish to publish my address publically here in this discussion - so if you are interested in recieving a pin, message me and I'll respond with the address where you can send your S.A.S.E. ^_~



Q:  What is the diameter of the pin?

A:  The diameter is 1"


Q:  This item seems small enough, and postage for a regular letter is only .45¢ - So why does my S.A.S.E. require .65¢ postage?

A:  According to what I was told at the Post Office, the inclusion of a non-bendable item in the envelope classifies it as a "non-machineable letter" and thusly requires .20¢ postage in addition to a standard .45¢ stamp.


Q:  If I don't have a .20¢ stamp and don't want to take the time to go to the Post Office to get one, can I just put on a second .45¢ stamp?

A:  Yes, If you choose to do that, it will be more than enough postage to ensure it's delivery.


Q:  Besides the .65¢ postage on the self addressed envelope, should I include any type of payment for the pin?

A:  No, that's not necessary. - I'm not really selling these, they're more my fun gift to the group to show my appreciation for their membership.  It's my hope that they'll help members to more easily identify one another at conventions and facilitate more introductions and friendships.


Q: What kind of envelope should I send?

A: Just a standard envelope you'd use to send a letter or a card will suffice.  Any kind of bubble mailer or padded mailer is automatically going to cost you even more postage, and its only a little 1" pin after all... I'd feel a bit guilty if you spent much more than .65¢ on postage!  So don't feel like you need to go to the trouble of sending those types of mailers.  Your pin will come safely affixed to, and sandwiched between, two thin pieces of cardboard (like the kind they use to back tablets of paper) which I've cut to fit your envelope.  So far, this has proven to provide sufficient protection and not raise the price of postage.


Q:  I'm not from the United States of America - How can I get a membership pin?

A:  I've recently sent friend requests to all members of "Out" From Behind The Curtain... - If you accept my friend request, I'll be able to send you a message about how you can recieve your pin.


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Thank you for going to such effort for us! The pins look absolutely lovely, and I look forward to playing Spot the Pin at Steamcon and other gatherings!

Nicely done. I look forward to receiving your address to send the S.A.S.E. off too.


If I may ask, what diameter are the pins. They look like about one inch or so, correct?

Yes - they are 1" in diameter - Should fit neatly onto a lapel or con badge without overpowering one's overall ensemble!

 Stryker - did you not receive the group message?  I'm not 100% certain, but I believe when I use the "Send Message to Group" feature, it doesn't actually send it to your inbox here on Steampunk Empire.  I think it sends it to whatever email address you used when you registered for Steampunk Empire.  So be sure to check there as well and let me know.

I did see/recei
These are lovely!  I'll see if I can get the stamps together.
You're so very welcome! - I'm glad to see that folks are liking them!

Renfield and I love ours! Mine is on my bag I carry everywhere!

It shall be on my lapel at SPWF I guarantee!

I'll even wear it when I hostess the Queen of Steam!

Are these still available? :D
Indeed! - They most certainly are!

If you haven't recieved a pin yet, you are certainly entitled to one! They’re a great way to identify other group members at conventions - and technically… they’re free!  All you need do is send me a couple stamps (.64¢ postage) so I can mail it back to you. ^_^  Send me a message here on Steampunk Empire and I'll message you back with the address where you can drop me a letter (with S.A.S.E. or at least just the stamps).

Hi. New member to the Empire and to this group. Would love to get one of the pins. 

Also new to the group, are there still pins available? :)


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