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Do you ever go out of your way to make a Queer statement in your Steam fashion?

Gentlemen, do you sport lush colors and femininely androgynous attire to blur the line of masculinity?

Ladies, well you have full reign on trousers and male garb, but do you make a Queer statement in some fashion?

What do you do or want to do to proclaim yourself for all to see?

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Well what I would say is that as a Trans individual I have no real choice in the matter lol.

I've had a few ideas on how to mish mash the two genders but thus far have been working up the "Showing off as many of the feminine features I have," technique.

Lucretia Dearfour

Oh indeed, my good lady, I understand entirely.  I, too, am a member of that peculiar Order.  In process of rising, as does the phoenix, from the ashes of one's own immolated body.  As it revives, the phoenix, like the peacock, has a "cauda pavonis," the peacock's tail of rainbow colors.  Apropos the LGBTQ flag. 


Having spent well over a half of a century in a biologically female body, I have experienced first hand the indignities with which the fairer sex so often has to contend. 


Thus I retain a certain sense of solidarity, as befits someone whose identity is anchored in the working class.  In the parlance appealing to those moderns of an activist persuasion, I sound a brazen call for economic democracy.  I have even made an effort to express these ideals within the SteamPunk mileau. To wit:   


Also befitting someone of an amalgamated nature, I have a rather well-developed mystical side as well.  Hence an overt consciousness of the transcendent Feminine Divine and of the sacredness of the natural world, our mother, Earth. 


I do, however, confess that as a de facto male soul, I had to struggle with an identity that, at certain points in my personal evolution, seemed to require rejection of anything distinctly feminine. Over the last decade, I have come to terms with my feminine side.   It is a treasure; one half of the alchemcal conjunctio which produces the Philosopher's Stone.    


Then there were those little nagging hints, like a sense of color and style,  Or continuing to get the vapors no matter how many times one has seen "The Wizard of Oz."  Or ways of thinking about the sensory impacts of  certain men that are much too indelicate to mention here.  Yes, I am also gay.


I believe we transgenders are more akin to "Laddies and Gentlewomen."  Not because our physical determinants have rendered us some incomplete and thus somehow inauthentic version of our gender identities.  But rather from the experience, as the song lyrics put it, of looking at life from both sides-- yet also of much more; from a deep awareness that the Aristotelian bifurcated logic of yes/no, either/or, female/male is simply inadequate.


Pardon me; I do go on sometimes.  What was the question?  Ah yes, the incorporation of these aspects into our SteamPersonas.  Which I have.  "EngineRoomRaphi" arises from my actual work in engine rooms.  I find it somewhat disconcerting that vast majority of people (past and present) are in effect invisible.  My costume starts with that-- denim; decorated with brass gears.  On the back/left (political pun intended) I have "Eugene V. Debs for President 1912."  


But I also have, on the back/right, a copper "pink" triangle with the word INVERT underneath-- the actual Victorian era term for us with alternative identities and behaviors.


Tying the whole thing together is my personal slogan:  Steam Pink.  Internal and political identies united.



I definitely try to blur the masculine/ feminine line! My character is a drag queen Captain! I also think that the Victorian/ industrial combo is a perfect fit for the masculine/feminine contrast. Masculinized female characters and femininized male clothing works wonders!
I tend to stand astride the gender line as well. I enjoy wearing masculine pieces and outfits along with dresses, gowns and heels. Whatever I happen to be wearing, waist-length red hair and make-up preserve an air of femininity. I identify strongly with Rosie the Riveter, being a lipstick lesbian who can be found underneath my vehicle or hip-deep in the engine when repairs or maintenance are needed. I am amused by how much this seems to confuse some people. ;)
as a former scadian, i always wear a blue feather which was used historically as a sign in same sex meetings
Trimaris, you say? Originally Ansteorran here. Currently in An Tir, soon to the West.
Two things, the first being that I generally like fusing both feminine and masculine themes. Like wearing a short bustle skirt with slacks and men's tops with heeled boots. The second, being slightly off topic, but does it seem that SCA is the place people begin their shift of consciousness in time and space before embracing other things like Steampunk? Like the foothold on the way to the thing they were actually looking for? Just something I've been noticing.

Also Lady Dudley, I too reside in An Tir. :)
Dare I say... I'm the only gay guy who has no clue about the fashioning world. Quite shameful I know but, hey thats what friends are for. :) I can fix any car or computer prob though!
Well we can help correct that now! Time for a steamy makeover!
For me, although I don't go out of the way to make a queer steampunk statement, the finery that I tend to wear makes it quite obvious to those of us on the wavelength. I'm thrilled to see a group for us here on the Empire.
One word. Piratebustle.
Albeit quite dashing, I cannot for the life of me pull off the androgynous look. Though, I suppose I do give a bit of a nod to it with some of my more tightly fitted waistcoats. Meh, I don't know. I'd consider my look more eccentric villain than queer-steam.

But I digress. Piratebustle.
That is all.
And gentleman corset or waistcoat corset! I know you have those in mind! And fuffly lace cravats. And great big chiffon sleeve ends. Oh the frills and lacings. Not to mention many feathers in your cap and pointy shoes.
Perhaps it's not queer, but it's the little details which bring an outfit to life!


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