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What say you fellow Aether travellers? Shall we make a go at it?

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I have never done any sort of RPG so I have no idea what it entails. I have a great deal of time on my hand right now, so tell me more, I'm intrigued.

RPG is mere role playing. We tell an intricately woven story, each of us continuing where the other had left off. The story grows and evolves as each adds their twists and the like to the plot.

That sounds like fun. I think we should recruit a few more people to be in the crew and start weaving some tales. I'm not sure how the security is set up on this group, I think members are allowed to invite others, if not, I will see what I can do to get it changed.

Captain Devlin MacBain and Izzy Burnham should certainly be asked to join. James Murray would also be a great choice too.

I did invite Izzy and Zack, no response yet. I will invite James. I am not friends with Devlin but I will add him as a friend and then invite him.

Here I am, good sirs and madams!

I would certainly be interested in an RPG on here. I haven't gotten to do so in a very long time, and it would be nice to stretch my legs in the matter.

Evening all. Not sure of a role I might play on these here vessels. It seems most of the RPG's i have seen so far on here are very disjointed, most people write whatever their character feels like doing. I am interested to see how this one progresses. There are a few on here if you search them out  to get an idea Ms. Doyle. 

My vision, dear friends, concerning this RPG would be a solid continuation of OUR story. I say OUR because we would be all constructing it although it would not be an individualized story, but one told of the Quad A. Each taking up where the last had left off, each current writer having Godlike ability to speak and control all of us and our actions.

As far as a role for you Mr murray, your character has a sordid, militaria type, mercenary past...gaurd, officer, etc would certainly fit the bill.

For this I think I would create a third persona, the bar man stays in the bar, and some of his past activities would have landed him in one of the ships perhaps. I was thinking quarter master, but do not see how it would fit the story. Would becoming a third captain be stepping out above my station?

And i do need to know a little more about the ships. How do they remain airborn? Are they constantly airborn, or do they dock to take on supplies? i am thinking about future mass escape attempts and how to thwart them.

Also, is it a no holds barred roleplay? Anything can happen, magic, mythical beasts, dimensional and time travel? Or steam and clockwork only, mayhap fantastical machines, but more solidly based in a sort of realistic tone?

I think being a prison fleet, it should remain airborn at all times, supplus are delievered and docking is only done under exteme weather conditions and or fire. As for means of floation, Ihave no idea. My mind doesn't think that way. Big fans? Coal fired generators that move a propellor? Trained monkeys riding bikes powering wings?

For your persona Mr. Murray, if you would like to be the Commandant of either The Arsenic or The Abomination, it would be an honor to have you join our ranks. If you would like to be a navigator, a doctor, a battle seamstress, I think we are all open to suggestions and ideas.

I have never roleplayed so I have no opinion as to rules or regulations. I think fighting dragons could be fun but keeping things more "real" life could also be interesting.

Personally I vote for more realistic, it does rein things in a bit but will keep things flowing nicely.

The ships themselves could have zeppelins or dirrigables attached to each for individual lift but may be connected by a giant centrally located rotor blade and tail rotor blade to provide lift and maneuverability as a solid entity. The coal generators from each airship would provide the power for this. The front airship, the flagship Apparition's bridge would house the helm for this.

So the quad A would be arranged in a diamond formation and would move as a single unit. Always on the move so it would be hard to pinpoint it's exact location.

Furthermore each ships' bridge can have a docking release/attach to the overall rotor device, So each ship could break away from the other four. You see the large variety of possibilities of why this may have to be done. As well, ALL four could break away from the central rotor system if need be, and it would conitue to remain airborne on it's own til the power ran out, or the last power source left or whatever.

So each airship can also individually fully function.  i mean hell, the central rotor can be attached to a central "Island" of sorts that would house the power source for the rotors and serve as space for excercise yards, cafeteria, training grounds, court rooms, whatever...again the possibilities are endless.

Ah, good, i had pictured them all towed along in a line, and thought it would take a damnably long time to make my way to the front Ship Apparitions Bridge fro tea and scones with Lady Doyle. A central area for entertainment of crew, and 4 prison carriers in a diamond formation, would be sturdier and less inclined to bump into each other in strong winds!

Launch areas for thopters, mini zepplins, hot air ballons and hanglider/birdmen  to repel outside attack would be a must.

I might be taking the logistics a little seriously it seems but i wanted ideas down and agreed on so the story fits together smoothly. if everyone had a different system in mind it might get a little messy. And I agree a degree of realism lends more authenticity to the story, if anything can happen then if we are attacked someone could just say we weaved a spell and they disappear. Boring!

I would be honoured to take the helm of the Abomination. Which type of prisoners does it contain? A name like that eludes to mad scientist types, put there for crimes against humanity, with their  biological or mechanistic constructs.

Allow me a small amount of time to create a persona (i have something to distract me from teaching the rest of the day now!) and I think we are getting close to beginning.

Looking forward to someone developing a starting point. The maiden voyage, or have we been in business some time?

People will come and go from time to time i think, so the final Commandant may come later, unless Izzy desires promotion! 


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