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*sneaking into LARP room* Hmmm it's a little empty in here....HELLO!! *listens to echo and giggles* Yep! ^^ *Sits on floor* Now we just have to wait for others to continue their stories here.....*Staring at unfinished paintings* (OCC: I imagine all of our stories in here as paintings...they're just not finished master pieces yet ^^)

lol what did you paint


I didn't paint anything, hun! We are all painting something together! :D

*walks in and sees Kage sitting on the floor. nods polity.* "Hello friend. you new to role playing, or a seasoned veteran?"

*comes from the shadows cleaning a pistol*  "A bit green if i were to guess, however take no offence."
*looks up from under the the flat brim of his hat* "hello there"
How are you sir

"humans, I've been here for century's!" locoscribe hovers gently into the room. his long slender pen-fingers gliding across the walls. "to think they'd re-evolve in such a short time. all i had had to talk to is this toaster." (the toaster in his hand) "hello, peeps!" the toaster has an annoyingly squeaky voice.

I am somewhat new to this form, *stands and walks to Negra and Avilonis. Offers hand to shake theirs* Kage Silverhawk and who might you two be?
Hello kage how are you
Hello kage how are you


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