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Welcome to Scribblers' Den, the online tavern where authors of the ~punk genres can meet to share concepts and philosophies of The Craft in the hope that these conversations will provide the fertile ground that will give rise to tomorrow's incredible ideas.  You needn't be a famous author, nor even a published one to be a member.  You need only be serious.  This group is not about exclusion nor limitations, in fact it has only one rule:  No personal attacks on a fellow member for expressing his or her own opinion.  Violation of that axiom will get you thrown out of here so fast it will leave you with whiplash, and this is the only warning that will be given.  So pull up a chair, order a round, and put your wares on the table.  This is the place where imaginations fly!

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Started by Blimprider. Last reply by Blimprider yesterday. 10 Replies

Looking for someone?  Here's where to reach them:          Aaron Martinez          Adam…Continue

Tags: directory

A Shared Steampunk World

Started by Philip Allan Brian Drew. Last reply by Philip Allan Brian Drew on Wednesday. 7 Replies

Some time ago I think that somebody mentioned the idea of having a shared steampunk world, in which different people could base their stories. I have been thinking about it, and I think that it is an interesting idea. But what would that world be…Continue

Manga Images: From Cat: Title: Kiy:Jumoku no Musuko (Son of the Forest)

Started by Cat; Blacksmith Mstr.Adept.. Last reply by Rob Mancebo May 19. 3 Replies

Here they are--  Thanks again to everyone including Professor Argon BatsContinue

Tags: american, native, oyate, manga


Started by William J. Jackson May 19. 0 Replies

Here it is again, with more material, and better editing! Anybody sees a flaw, let me know. It helps.            The smell of victory broiled out of an abhorrent stench.         The machine lay dead. At the least it had become only a ruptured mass…Continue


Started by William J. Jackson. Last reply by Professor Cognome May 15. 7 Replies

Submitted for your approval. This is the ROUGH draft, so please be honest but kind. Thank you!                              Prelude:                    Eagles Killing Doves July 27th, 18845:12 P.MRailroad City, Missouri          The smell of victory…Continue

Technical: Best bit of writing advice you've learned in the last year.

Started by Mark Lingane. Last reply by Rob Mancebo May 3. 9 Replies

As this is a writer's group, I thought I'd start the first of a technical series, a sort of tips and tricks section that everyone can contribute to. Hopefully it can help with a new perspective when analyzing your own work.I'll kick it off with this…Continue

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Comment by Neale Green 1 hour ago

Bryce, if you could get someone to look at the update I sent you, that'd be appreciated.

Comment by Bryce Raffle 1 hour ago

Thanks, Karen! Email received. Lady Naomi, I've received and forwarded your peer review. Neale, I've received your update as well. Thank you!

I should mention, Lady N, that Steve was your peer reviewer for your story (did you receive any feedback from him?); I know, I had given you some feedback as well, based on the PM you sent me, but I wasn't counting that as part of the peer review process.

Reviewees, if any of you are feeling that you require a second opinion or need some further feedback on your stories, let me know. We want this anthology to be as polished and shiny as possible!

Reviewers, again, thanks for all your hard work! Really could not have done it without you!

Comment by Karen J Carlisle 6 hours ago

Naomi, thanks for the feedback on my anthology story. Bryce, I've done some rewrites and have emailed it to you.


Comment by Lady Naomi 13 hours ago

Bryce, I have posted my last Peer Review for Den of Antiduities to you to pass on as we agreed.

I take it the edit of Hark! Hark! I sent you was acceptable as I've heard nothing more and you put it in the ARC.

Neale you suggested there were some issues to be addressed in Hark! Hark! Have you read the ARC version? Can you see anything else that needs tweaking?

Have a great day everyone!

Comment by Karen J Carlisle 14 hours ago

Welcome Jeff.

Comment by Bryce Raffle 19 hours ago

Too humble, Jack! Your news is way better!

Comment by Blimprider 21 hours ago

   Wow, Bryce, wicked-awesome!  My news pales by comparison.  All I have to pass along is that I have posted the first chapter of Beyond the Rails III in the reading room.  Enjoy...

Comment by Bryce Raffle 21 hours ago

Comment by Bryce Raffle 21 hours ago

Oh, and one more thing to share with you, in case you haven't seen it. It's -punk for kids (and grown-ups too)! We've discussed steampunk in the mainstream before - remember our discussion on mainstream tv & film just not getting steampunk right? And then, remember how we discussed animation doing a great job of it? There's Disney's Atlantis and Treasure Island, there's a bunch of japanese anime, like Fullmetal Alchemist, Steamboy, and Black Butler. But there's another animated tv show that I just started watching, which is very dieselpunk, especially in Season 1. The "American Anime" series Legend of Korra, which is the followup to The Last Airbender, is wonderfully dieselpunk and incredibly entertaining. Airships, electric shock gloves, automatons and mechs, and so much more, all set in a fantasy world where certain people, called Benders, can control the elements (fire, earth, air, and water).

Comment by Bryce Raffle 22 hours ago

I know some of you have done the NaNoWriMo thing. Anyone fancy trying the 3-day novel? They're taking early bird registration.


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