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Welcome to Scribblers' Den, the online tavern where authors of the ~punk genres can meet to share concepts and philosophies of The Craft in the hope that these conversations will provide the fertile ground that will give rise to tomorrow's incredible ideas.  You needn't be a famous author, nor even a published one to be a member.  You need only be serious.  This group is not about exclusion nor limitations, in fact it has only one rule:  No personal attacks on a fellow member for expressing his or her own opinion.  Violation of that axiom will get you thrown out of here so fast it will leave you with whiplash, and this is the only warning that will be given.  So pull up a chair, order a round, and put your wares on the table.  This is the place where imaginations fly!

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Port Reprieve: The Traveler

Started by Dave G. Last reply by Dave G Jan 2. 2 Replies

                                The TravelerIt was a dark and stormy night.  Dan lifted the cover over the smallwindow, and peered into the darkness.  He made out a swaying oak treeduring the frequent flashes of lightning.  But, as the storm raged,…Continue

Cape Grief: A World of Possibilities...

Started by Blimprider. Last reply by Dave G Jan 2. 11 Replies

     So here I am between projects,a time when a writer finds him or herself staring at a blank screen, and being equally thrilled and terrified by the idea of setting out yet again on that marathon journey to "The End."  As most of you know, I have…Continue

Tags: Grief, Cape

The World of Port Reprieve

Started by Blimprider. Last reply by William J. Jackson Nov 30, 2016. 54 Replies

   Okay, Denizens, here we go, a big ol' sandbox for y'all to play in:Background:  The imaginary city of Port Reprieve began life after the armistice that ended the American Civil War in the fall of 1864 with no clear victor.  The City of Mobile,…Continue

Tags: PortReprieve

Port Reprieve: The Telegraph Office

Started by Dave G. Last reply by Blimprider Nov 25, 2016. 5 Replies

The Telegraph Office Henry opened the rough wood door of the bunk room, and stared out into the telegraph office.  The office was empty at such an early hour.  He noticed the dusty windows, and made a mental note to have them cleaned, probably by…Continue

Port Reprieve: Doctor Sprague's property

Started by P. Aloysius Regnad. Last reply by P. Aloysius Regnad Nov 25, 2016. 3 Replies

      Since this may all be taking off again, here is a map excerpt showing the location of Dr. Sprague's house (the little red spot) and surrounding property, which extends all the way (south, and west) to the shore of the Green Branch.  I'm…Continue

Technical: Best bit of writing advice you've learned in the last year.

Started by Mark Lingane. Last reply by Steve Moore Nov 11, 2016. 17 Replies

As this is a writer's group, I thought I'd start the first of a technical series, a sort of tips and tricks section that everyone can contribute to. Hopefully it can help with a new perspective when analyzing your own work.I'll kick it off with this…Continue

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Comment by David Lee Summers 56 minutes ago

Thank you, Stephanie.  Yes, you could only vote for one person per category.  I think what you missed is that while both Bryce and I had short stories in the running, I also had a novel on the steampunk novels page.  Bryce won the short story contest and won the novel contest.

Comment by Stephanie Kato 11 hours ago

Congratulations to David and Bryce! I actually tried to vote for both of you guys, but it only allowed me to pick one person. Maybe I was doing something wrong.

Comment by Bryce Raffle 19 hours ago

Thanks, everyone! That's a great question, Lady N. Perhaps we should add such things to the Apothecary of Resources, as we come across them.

Comment by David Lee Summers yesterday

Thanks, Alice and Lady N!  One set of awards you may want to look at for your list, Lady N are the EPIC eBook awards.  They do have an entry fee (which I'm not especially fond of, but it's a relatively low one), but the award does carry some weight.

Comment by Alice E Keyes yesterday
Congratulations, Bryce and David!
Comment by Lady N yesterday
Well done Bryce and David!
You know this an area where we don't do much. I will try and research prizes and competitions so that the Den members can nominate and vote for our stories through out the year.
P & E nominations starton Christmas Eve and go through to the 14/1 each year. Anyone know of other such awards?
Comment by Bryce Raffle yesterday

Thanks, Steve, and thanks, David! Congrats to you as well!

Comment by David Lee Summers yesterday
Congratulations, Bryce! Thanks, Sarge. It's been an awesome way to start the week. Glad to hear you're enjoying The Brazen Shark, Bryce. The Complications of Avery Vane was certainly a first rate story.
Comment by Steve Moore yesterday

Very done chaps very proud of you Bravo !! Stevo 

Comment by Bryce Raffle yesterday

Thanks for the votes, everyone! Scribblers' Den represented hard in the P&E polls this year! Now that the results are official, I am pleased to tell you that David and I both won first place, David for the novels category and me for short stories. Karen, your votes must have gone through after all!

David, I've started reading The Brazen Shark, by the way, and I can't wait to read the rest!


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