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Hi everyone,
do you have your tickets for the Airship Awards Banquet on Friday night?
Are you attending either of the Teas?
Who is geared up for the concert, Saturday at 9pm?

Each one should be a great event, and with possibly 3 - 5,000 people attending, tickets could go very quickly this last week of online sales.

Since the banquet and teas are catered, there won't be any ticket sales at the door.

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I am set up for the Awards Banquet and the Outlaw Concert. All other hours will be spent shopping and schmoozing (I am unlikely to go to any panels, but really can't say until a schedule is published)

Cramming to get my sewing done this week - I am going up early to visit relatives and poke around Seattle (spent a summer there 30 years ago. Oh how I hate doing the math.)

If you spot me, please say 'hi'. Or 'Yo!'. :)
I won't be attending the banquet or either of the teas (I'm working line control for the patrons before both of those, though. If you see me say hi!), but I'm planning on attending the concert. I just need to get a ticket.
I'm planning to attend the Saturday tea and the evening concert. Who knows what else I'll be doing, but certainly am excited. I have a LOT of sewing to do before - hopefully I'll get it all pull together in time.

I can't wait to meet folks! If you see me, come over and say "hi!"
Excellent, Miss Aetherly! Are you coming in Thursday night or Friday morning?
Friday morning. Especially since I'm still in Portland as I type this. Hehe.


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