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It might not be typical, but I'm creating a steampunk doll out of an American Girl doll. I got a used Addy planning to replace her eyes (she has a condition called silver eye) but the more I looked at her (or she looked at me!) I knew I had to incorporate those eyes into her character.

Introducing Steampunk Addie., who is still very much a work in progress!




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Her latest look:



I had the same idea, but haven't done anything yet!  I am refining a pattern for a British Greatcoat and a top hat, going to make some goggles from fimo and plastic film. Waiting for my carpal tunnel surgery so I can actually use my hands.  Addie looks great!  It is so nice to be here with creative folk!!
I can't wait to see what you create!
I have started a blog for Steampuk Addie for those who want to watch her story unfold:
Wow! She is stunning and you've really done a great job with her ensemble!

Thanks, I've been very pleased. She got another outfit last week, too, but we're still waiting for better boots for that!

Oh she is just fabulous! She's the only steampunk American Girl I know of. Keep up the great work!
Thanks! Steampunk Addie and I both thank you. (Well, she accepts it as her just desert.) I am having a lot of fun with her ... and her blog. She also has a Facebook page now, too!
Very cool!!! Love it

Steampunk Addie accompanied me to last weekend's Phoenix Comicon. We had a lot of fun and she gained new admirers. (Before we went the doll boards voted on her three outfits and her modern outfit won by a landslide, much to our surprise.)



You can read about her trip on her blog:

Love the convention photos!

We hope to someday get organized enough to post our dolls' pictures.  Thanks for the inspiration.

I am SO glad I found this thread.  I've recently gotten disgusted with my preteen puberty hormone raging daughter and have decided to only sew doll clothes I WANT to from now on (and if she doesnt like it she can damn well suck it up and sew something else) and was planning on starting some Sara some SteamPunk threads after I finish her traditional Hungarian folk wear for the upcoming Hungarian festival (which I went dressed SteamPunk last year..... yes... she's single, she has 3 kids, she's pregnant, and she sews and hand embroiders.  She is a Goddess.  Deal. lol :)  VERY cool that Im not the only SteamPunk inclined adult who plays with dolls. :D


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