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Come join us to celebrate Steampunk touring in style.  We will talk about cycling fashion, bicycle maintenance, and all different kinds of pedal powered contraptions. Long live pedal power! Its good for fashion.  It's good for your health and its good for the planet.

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My name is Cherries Jubilee and I ride a bike.

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African American Cycling History

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Steampunk Style Cycling Union Manifesto

Started by Miss Cherries Jubilee. Last reply by Miss Cherries Jubilee Jun 28. 1 Reply

I choose Steampunk Style, and at every opportunity will choose style over speed.~ I embrace my duty to contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing urban landscape.~ I am aware that my mere presence…Continue

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Self-defense for cyclists

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Is this a "clockpunk" bicycle?

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Comment by Ryan Grimm on Thursday

Keep asking, there are merely my initial thoughts, I tend to be an excessive planner dealing with any contingency.

Comment by Ryan Grimm on Thursday

Oh, and DEFINITELY pre-ride the route to gain a perspective of ride time, facilities and road hazards along the way, rally points in case folks get separated...the usual requirements of a large invasion, in other words!

If you stop at pubs etc., check to see how much room/capacity they have if a crowd suddenly shows up.
If a picnic area for tea, for instance, are there portalets/loos available, what are the grounds like, is there a plethora of goose poop on the grass which might make it unpleasant?
If tea is to be set up beforehand, should tables etc. be required, and how is that to be set up and operated?

A consideration....

Comment by Ryan Grimm on Thursday

RE: the Tweed;
Provision must be made for an alternative rain date, and keeping a close eye on the weather will be a chore to be met.  The last Ride I attended was predicting rain, but the weather cleared for a magnificent day JUST before the Ride was to begin...turnout was low, but that made it all the more intimate.  I went regardless, and enjoyed the whole day.

The route must be chosen for easy access, a good starting point with parking, and of course a return to the same spot for the homeward journey.....essentially a large loop.

So far all of our Rides started from the Boston Common, which has a decent amount of underground parking, but access for the bikes is either up a small elevator (one at a time), VERY busy and congested stairs, or out a labyrinth of ramps to the street and sidewalk access.  Keep in mind the time of year, possible events that may cause a conflict with space (crowds), and if facilities will be open on a weekend day, particularly Sunday.
I prefer the idea of a Saturday, to allow those who have not ridden a bike much to recover before the week resumes.  Another reason to limit Sunday rides may be because some places will open up late or not at all.

Children may be permitted, above a certain age and with the attendant parent.  Provision may have to be made for a tired child dropping out with their adults, and how they are to return to their car or other conveyance.

Maps will be needed to be supplied beforehand, putting them on the web for printing out by participants is enough for the likes of me.  A FEW copies available the day of the ride will be required for those who just don't have much of a preparatory clue.
A contact phone number will be required, keeping in mind that the person with that contact phone will be busy and so should have that chore reserved for them instead of being a marshal or road guide...too many distractions can be a hazard.  That person should also keep in mind that they may be asked to give directions over the phone to the 'lost lambs', so a firm knowledge of the Ride area will be needed.

Perhaps those with the appropriate technology can share the GPS route on their equipment.

At that point, we have met at and departed what is called the Frog Pond, a wading pool for tots which in winter serves as a skating rink.
Between the history that literally surrounds everything and the amenities, it was a very good time.

A concerns is safety equipment, perhaps a simple first aid kit, a tool and flats kit, a reliable working tire pump and a person or two with some small skills for minor repairs.

I would consider a surreptitious visual inspection (so as not to openly offend) of bikes for unsafe conditions, such as non-existent brake pads, broken or SEIZED brake cables, heavily rusted chains (take a chain breaker and spare links), a small container of lube for bearings and chains...the usual accessories and such for any trip.
Oh,and a good digital tire gauge, you would be surprised at how many will show up with low tires.

Seats and handlebars may need adjustment, so the initial gathering should leave enough time (an hour?) for things to get sorted out, discuss the route, pass out badges or other evidence of the Ride...the gentle couple that offers our Rides gives out Cockades with ribbons, with a button sticker in the center touting the Ride...perhaps "Boston Tweed Ride 2014" or similar on it.
That way you can purchase a number of cockades cheaply, and just customized the number needed for each event.

You may want to limit the number of attendees after the first few runs...while I do not expect the numbers that such as the London Tweed accumulates (they cut off at 500!), keep in mind that your capacity might be stretched at first, what with gaining experience.

Comment by Ryan Grimm on Thursday

That Biria looks to be a nice ride, and with the appropriate skirt guards would do nicely, preventing *ahem* excessive ankle exposure, proving loss of dignity.

Comment by Ryan Grimm on Thursday

I have attended three Tweed Rides, and enjoyed all.  One of the most pleasant aspects is the ability to have conversations whilst pedaling at a moderate pace....with attentive marshals keeping an eye on the participants, guiding at intersections while lights may separate many ways it's like a motorcycle run, just much quieter and slower.

Two were Spring runs, one Autumnal and quite nice...keep in mind that leaves on the ground may provide some small hazard to slipping etc.
A break or two in the middle for a brief rest and refreshment (and perhaps shopping) will let all gain and maintain a relaxed perspective.

One nice thing about Boston is it's RELATIVELY flat layout, but it lacks proper bike paths in most areas.  On roads, the marshals and road guides assume important proportions.

Comment by Miss Cherries Jubilee on Thursday

What do ya'll think of this Biria Easy boarding bicycle?  I test rode one a couple of weeks ago and I really liked it.  It is easily 15 pounds lighter than my current bike which tops out at 40 pounds.  I love the fact that I don't have to throw my leg over the seat or trip on the so called step through.  I am seriously thinking about this.

Comment by Miss Cherries Jubilee on Thursday

has anyone in this group done a Tweed Run?  I am trying, once again, to organize such a thing and I would like some input on the things you really liked about the ride and the things you think they could do better.

Comment by Miss Cherries Jubilee on September 8, 2014 at 4:24pm

Terrifying isn't it?

Comment by Ryan Grimm on September 7, 2014 at 7:45am

Well Done!  All the hazard of a penny-farthing, and style to boot!

Comment by Miss Cherries Jubilee on September 6, 2014 at 8:03pm

Now this is steampunk!


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