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I haven't seen this addressed in any SP performer groups, so since I'm the new kid on the block I'll be the first(?) to ask directly & hope someone will shed some light on this for me (and maybe others as well). If it's something you don't wish to discuss on a public forum you're welcome to message me :-)

I've seen several performers (professionals and hobbyists) within SP solicit "donations" from the public either via Facebook or their website. Are the performance rates so abysmal that this is necessary? I've heard rumors that on the whole, conventions don't pay performers (outside of headliners) a going rate, and some don't pay at all. Surely this can't be true?

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I am sorry Greene, I have heard several horror stories from that event, and I could say I am shocked, but I know of another event who told performers as they were arriving that they would not be getting what they wanted. In your case I am glad you at least got something, since some groups didn't even get a deposit. From what I have heard, they are not planning another as the company who ran the event has been dissolved, making this a legal issue, since everyone will be going after the owners for funds, and contracts that were not honored. I have mentioned this to one of the other groups, but you should form a class action suit against them.

As for Dickens on the Strand, yes it is a wonderful event, but getting in can be difficult, especially on your first time. They have a long process to get in and we found out we were doing it two weeks before the event.


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