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but I did promise her they could be her pet project, and I believe there should be several kinds... but also I would like to discuss space scramblers and other variations on this theme here


anything that rotates horizontally, so Carousels, Musical Chairs, Space Scramblers, Tea Cups, etc...


Needing a great deal of reorganization here...

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of course it would play steampunk music...


but i think there should be more then one... maybe four or five actually... but all different

with a giant robotic teapot in the middle... lol


but yeah a spinning cup carousel as long as its not too disney would be highly appropiate


i want a musical chairs thing too... its swings that hang down from a carousel above... spins and tilts slightly... they have one called Turn of the Century at Lagoon that is really cool... it raises and lowers, tilts 30 degrees and plays music... its got an old fair ground feel to its design thats very 1890s worlds faire in look

Stunning! Wonderful!

Why not make it actually steam powered? Today steam plants are quite safe and it could be hidden inside a faxu boiler plant.


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