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'Ello Ladies and Gents,

I'd love pleasure of shooting you all (photographically, of course) sometime soon. It'd be great to get a group shot, as well as to do some more artistic shots and close-ups.

Should this be something we do as an entire event itself and then lunch afterwards, or as part of one of our meet-ups?

Outside shots are best as I don't have a studio. We might be able to get some AWESOME ones in ybor with the old cigar factories and what have you.

Thoughts? Bes times? I'd have to do it on a weekend, preferably a Saturday.


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I'm a fan. Ybor would be my vote, too.

We already have three ideas out for meets: Movie Night, Workshoppe, and The Low Tea Picnic. Naturally, all three could be fair for photo-ops.

I think it might be fun to lay siege to Ybor for lunch or an early dinner one Saturday and have some photos then.

LOL! I like the idea of "laying siege" to Ybor! hehehe Also, a cool day trip is St. Augustine. I have friends at Flagler College there (the former Ponce de Leon hotel) and it's quite appropriate for setting some much later (not in theheat of summer) date for an outting. Just a thought. Cheap lodging can be arranged at the Pirate Haus Hostel in downtown St. Augustine and group rates are easy. again.. just thinking...

Absolutely!  Capital idea!


Ybor sounds intriguing.  The wrought iron and tile around the Columbia Restaurant could be impressive.  And, for those like me who suffer from severe temporal compression and can't take a trip to St. Augustine, might I suggest a quicker jaunt to Fort Desoto in Pinellas County?  Granted, there's not much left, but a few large mortars in a stone bunker could make for a decent backdrop:  Twelve Inch Mortars


Just some thoughts!


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