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Is anybody else on Figment?  It is a website for publishing your writings onto the aethernet and has a growing steampunk community.  If you are on it, I would love to read some of your work.

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Hey Jim,

Heard of it a while back from a fellow empire member who posted her story on there, but have forgotten about the site since then. While I don't have any steampunk stories as of yet, I will need to check it out again when I do. Overall, it seems like a legit site; they even accept fan-fiction (which I have a few). As an unknown writer, I guess any way to market/promote helps (outside of my Facebook friends and family).

I've become a member, but I will hold off on posting until I have read over the IP and Copyright sections of their TOS. There is also a decent community on if you're interested.

I am a member :) My username is WritingforLalaLand while I do not have any steampunk novels/poems up yet or any of my short stories/novels I do have several poems. If you would like to swap, I'd be more than obliged :)



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