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Comment by Leslie Orton 6 hours ago


As this Discussion has progressed, I see that this is a veritable issue, affecting a number of citizens across the Empire. As a result of these well-reasoned requests for change, I plan to take steps to try to prevent duplicate emails from multiple postings from landing in people's Inboxes. In the future, if something I am doing is bothering you or causing dissent in the Forums, please report the issue to me in this manner. I certainly do not wish to antagonize anyone, and as soon as I am made aware of an issue I can take actions to prevent its re-occurence in the future.

Comment by The Duke 7 hours ago

Miss Orton, As the Professor had pointed out, it is not your publication I have issues with, but the quantity of notices that remind me of a ticker tape parade. As a possible solution, perhaps the moderator of Empire may be willing to create a new forum along the lines of the events listing that can showcase new publications of magazines, blogs and other prose. Rather than the more grapeshot effect currently employed.

Comment by Leslie Orton 8 hours ago
I am certainly glad the standard has not fallen. I was actually referrencing a message I received from a like-minded soul who suggested that he would not be averse to fewer such gems arriving in his Inbox all at once. I believe the combination of your two esteemed options has thus presented a "growth" opportunity for myself in order to better the presentation of The Chronicle on the forums. :)
Comment by Prof. Sebastian Fate 8 hours ago

Dear Ms. Orton , I never suggested that I was in any way irritated . Your ' Chronicle ' is a gem . Regards , Sebastian Fate

Comment by Leslie Orton 8 hours ago
Why, certainly Professor! While I am of course aware that since people belong to multiple groups across the Empire, and whenever one person posts something in more than one group, there is bound to be crossover, I had no idea my multiple postings were reaching a level of irritation! I am sure there is a way to post in selective, diverse groups that should stem the tide of too many crossover, duplicate messages. I shall take this situation in hand for the next edition of The Chronicle. I cannot promise there will be NO duplicate messages (it is impossible for me to keep track if which people belong to multiple groups, and based on that ratio how many crossover messages will end up in their personal email accounts) but I shall certainly endeavour from this point onward to minimize multiple emails arriving in people's Inboxes. Thank you for making me aware of this sensitive issue.
Comment by Prof. Sebastian Fate 9 hours ago

Leslie , is there any way of preventing dozens of duplicate messages regarding your esteemed ' Aether Chronicle ' popping up in my inbox ?

Comment by Leslie Orton 9 hours ago
I might suggest: "Leslie, is there any way to prevent so many duplicate messages from landing in my Inbox." I certainly want to know if something is bothering my readers, but I think there is room to address these issues in a civilized manner without resulting to name-calling or brutish statements. Since there have been several like-minded comments, I will alter my method of distributing The Chronicle to attempt to minimize duplicate messages landing in people's Inboxes.
Comment by Prof. Sebastian Fate 10 hours ago

I don't think our Duke was referring to the " Aether Chronicle '  as ' spam ' . I enjoy the ' Chronicle ' but when so many identical messages pop up advertising it  it's difficult to know what other word would do .

Comment by Leslie Orton 16 hours ago


Well, I am certainly sorry you consider my newspaper "spam." I will have you know this "Spam" features the written works of authors all across the Empire. I continue to produce The Chronicle because each edition is producing hundreds more page views than ever before. I have a large number of Subscribers, and I field numerous posts from people who enjoy my paper. The simple answer I have to offer you, Your Highness, is this: if you do not like my paper, the DON'T READ IT!

Comment by The Duke 17 hours ago

Enough with the spam Leslie! I got 60 of your exact same messages myself, gods knows how many other groups you spammed.


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