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Putting flesh on the bones.

Why don't you introduce us to your character(s). Pull up a chair, and tell us all a little about themselves.

Started by Dr Trebuchet Hemmingway

5 Jun 15, 2016
Reply by Dr Trebuchet Hemmingway

Blood on the Bushveldt...

     Two months out of Peru on the ironclad steamer, Huascar II, and only the short stopover in Melbourne for re-supply, Cape Town with all…

Started by Sgt. Ian MacBruiche

62 Sep 28, 2014
Reply by Captain Maximillian Drake

Short Story RPS

Short Story RPS have a more dynamic ebb and flow than say, blog posts or longer storylines. The main reason for this is the rule set. They…

Started by Sgt. Ian MacBruiche

2 Jul 2, 2014
Reply by Ronin

New to writing and RP

I haven't written much and never roleplayed but have always been interested so I decided now is the time. I don't know where to start. I ha…

Started by Inquisitor Stefanie Wingfield

3 Aug 1, 2012
Reply by Miss Sadie Belle

THE LOST SHIP! Not for the faint hearted. (read decription)

Once upon a time there was a ship, a huge ship, a huge fairytale ship so big and ugly it was declared an eyesore by an emperor himself. The…

Started by Vamanara

94 Sep 30, 2011
Reply by Vamanara

THE TABLE HAS BEEN SET (formerly the artful dodger)

Aboard his vessel... Professor Alowishious Wormwood, continues his studies. The inside of his craft is humid, but livable. Beautiful satine…

Started by Prof. Alowishus Wormwood

210 Sep 20, 2011
Reply by Prof. Alowishus Wormwood

A game of telling cards

[This is a continuation of something started in the Clockwork Steed. If something is unclear, you can read the discussion there]   Lady Emm…

Started by Lady Emma Darry

184 Sep 9, 2011
Reply by The Tinkerer, Brighton Gilrian

MY GOD It's full of Absinthe Fairies!!!

Please keep the thread reasonably short. The RP will move faster It's no easy task wrangling these malicious little s**** with just a net.…

Started by Prof. Alowishus Wormwood

43 Aug 9, 2011
Reply by Prof. Alowishus Wormwood

The Hellfire Club: Violating polite society one moral standard at a time...

Perhaps a little background music...  Fais ce que tu voudras .... Do what thou wilt.  An invitation has been issued...Rarely turned down...…

Started by LaDy eLiZaBeTh PaTcH

44 Aug 6, 2011
Reply by Stephanie M.G.

The Clockwork Steed (Tavern RP)

(Figured a good place to start is a good old Tavern. Could be a starting point for other threads or just a place to hang out and RP. I thin…

Started by Lord Alexander Samuel Drake

155 Jul 30, 2011
Reply by LaDy eLiZaBeTh PaTcH


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