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This discussion is where you can describe your character. Use the template below and reply with your character bio.

Name: John Tybirius Malcolm
Age: 15
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Skills: Airship flying, sailing, fencing, metalworking, deserter of the military airship Aurora.
Relationship: Single
Hair: normal length, dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 120 lbs
Skin: tanned white
Clothing: midnight blue military coat with brass buttons, white dress shirt covered with a brown leather vest, black trousers, brass goggles on forehead, black military style boots.
Weapons: Longsword given to him by father, revolver.
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Moniker: Santiago Dunbar

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Pitcairn Island (floating skyland situated in the South Pacific)

Locks: Black

Eyes: Brown

Stature: 6'

Poundage: 160 lbs.

Skin: Tan

Livery: Usually spotted wearing his old medal-adorned Sky Force jacket, a waistcoat, and tophat. Dunbar lost his left arm during the "Siege of Lorient Skyplex" and had a gatling gun-arm grafted to replace it, and he wears a black eye-patch over his left eye which was injured in the "Battle of Aurora Australis" fighting alongside the intrepid Lady Agata against the sky pirate Knox.

Relationship: Single

Profession: Forced into (very) early retirement after refusing to fire on protesters in the Trento Rebellion, Santiago Dunbar is a former commander in the British Foreign Legion. A year ago he purchased a scrapped airskiff and converted it into a lightly armed merchant vessel entitled "S.S. Beatrix". He and his crew of 6 fly from port to port and harbour to harbour to trade and barter goods and services.

Name: Loki the Kiwi

Birthplace: New Guinea

Age: 1 1/2


Name: Lady Emma Darry


Birthplace: England

Skills: Expert in botany, biology and pharmacology, multilingual.

Relationship: Widow

Hair: Waist length, wavy, dark brown hair, usually pulled up in a tight bun or a braid.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Height: 5.2

Weight: 124

Skin: Very fair

Clothing: White frilly muslin shirt, black tuxedo jacket, black bustle wraps skirt, black stetson. Silver and malachite choker.

(transmission activated)

Name: locoscribe no.000002

Age: does anyone care a robots age? no rust though.

Birthplace: sir. Chinlingtons factory, St. carlos

Skills: writing, sketching, being vaguely bulletproof!, generally making a clicking noise.

Relationship: married 48 times!(just kidding clockbots are generally single)


Eyes: red(lights)

Height: 6"

Weight: how dare thee ask my weight!

Skin: brass 'n' bronze and a nice coat of red paint

Clothing:secondary receptor shields(goggles), a small comedic loincloth.

Profession: a smuggler and adventurer, or at least my owner is!

i just draw and write things, and waste fuel that really should go to the engines!

(transmission terminated)

"is there a story behind how you became commander?"
You remind me so much of a dear friend of mine. I find that quite amusing.

Name: "Captain"  No one seems to believe most of the names that I use least of all my real name.
Age: Old
Skills: Aviator, sailing, fencing coach, armorer/gunsmith, shooting, throwing, stabbing, hacking, leadership, bartering, brewing, cooking, precycling, mechanicing, naviguessing, sharping, and raconteuring .  An Army captain who still holds a militia commission. 
Relationship: Married
Hair: Going prematurely blonder.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 240 lbs
Skin: "rain forest white"
Clothing: I am a bit of a clothes horse but tend to favor frontier fashions when not called to be in uniform.  Usually packing when on a job. 


Besides various military airships, I have acquired a fast civilian airship of questionable title from a once again widowed sister.  Fast airships unfortunately need more maintenance than slow ones so it spends a depressing amount of time being worked on.   I am often in search of short contract crews of good mechanics and expendable meatshields inexpensive  personnel.   With the current shortage of rich merchant airships I have taken to gun/rum running but of course I have a letter of marque so as not to miss any opportunities for profit. 

Name: Thanatos T. Gideon.

Age: 17

Birthplace: Missouri

Skills: Fencing, cooking, coming up with random useful information.

Relationship: Single

Hair: Nose length dirty blonde hair

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'3"

Weight:240 lbs

Skin: white

Clothing: black military coat with platinum buttons, goggles around neck, black dress shirt, black trousers , black boots, and a black sword-cane with a silver skull on top

capt john Tiberius Malcolm can ibe a gunner on your airship

Name: Nikolai Ivanovich Gredenko
Age: 28
Birthplace: Vladivostok, Russia
Skills: Hand-to-hand, swordfighting, ballistics
Relationship: Single
Hair: Short blonde cropped hair
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 lbs
Skin: white
Clothing: Varies, normally a military-style uniform, vest and shirt with cravat, aether mask and goggles, crusher cap

Hauptman Theophrastus Schwartzblut of the SMS CERBERUS

AGE 35

sword and 96 mauser at my side

in service by contract to the Austro Hungarian Airship Flotilla

Protecting the skies from foul rogue elements

Name: Jackson Lee Ambrose
Age: North of 40, South of the Long Sleep
Birthplace: Hurricane, Virginia
Skills: Horsemanship, Pistol Marksmanship, Sabre Fencing, Navigation, Chess and Games of Chance
Relationship: Married
Hair: Brown, Regulation
Eyes: Brown, Regulation
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 195 lbs
Skin: White, Sun, Wind and Powder burned
Clothing: Uniform of the U.S. Imperial Air Cavalry

Jackson Lee Ambrose is a gentleman of the southern U.S. and hails from Virginia. Taking up his father's occupation, he became a professional soldier during the wildest of the wild west and was assigned to some of the remotest posts on the American frontier in the 1880s. It was during this time that he met Dr. Leonard Wood who later, as Colonel Wood, recruited him for the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry during the Spanish American War in 1898. Capt. Ambrose served honorably in the Cuban and Philippine Campaigns and became a boon companion to such luminaries as Jack Pershing and Theodore Roosevelt. The three were later to distinguish themselves in the Spanish Sky War of 1903-1906 through the capture of the Air Frigate 'Barcelona'. The one-time patriotic march 'Boarding the Barcelona' was a popular favorite of the war period as a result. The transition from horse cavalry to air cavalry was difficult for Ambrose but despite an initial fear of heights (flying just isn't natural!!) he has managed to overcome his trepidation regarding the modern airship (albeit with liberal medicinal use of Kentucky whiskey) and is one of our finer flight officers today.


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