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Please refer to the message I sent out to all the Society regarding details of our gathering.

What would you wish to accomplish, if anything? Would anyone care to make a presentation of any sort? Talk amongst yourselves...

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Fulbright Old Bean!! I shall be there. Baraboo
I would ADORE to be there! Alas! I am already engaged in NoVa at AnimeUSA that weekend with, coincidentally, a Baltimore Steampunk band - The Clockwork Dolls. I do wish you the best of times, and I do hope I can make it out to your next gathering!
Sorry that you cannot be there. I certainly understand the nature of gig schedules. Have a great show. Wish I could be there.
I shall indeed be attendance. Very much looking forward to making the acquaintance of members I have not already met.

Lady Astrid
That almost implies that you aren't looking forward to the ones you already know. ;-)
Drat drat drat! We are unfortunately double booked for that day, next time we will be there for comradery and confections.
I do look forward to it. Have a great gig. It sounds like a lot of good fun.
Professor, darling, I would be delighted to attend! Thank you for putting this little soiree together.

C. Nyoka MacGregor
My good Professor! I look forward to our meeting, I have a Temporal Displacement Sojourn to 1863 in the afternoon, in the lovely hamlet of Gettysburg, which will give me just enough leeway to join in the camaraderie. Hopefully the gracious Barkeep, Nat, from the Drummer's Lot will be "manning the pumps".

H.J. Matlow, TDS
Sounds like an excellent shindig. I'll have to make sure there's nothing else of import that night, but I should be able to join in this gathering.
Alas, I have received news that my attentions are needed elsewhere on a dangerous mission to assist and guard transportation of a client's personal effects as they are moved from one abode to a new one. I certainly hope I will be able to make the next event with tales of my adventures.
Very sorry that you will not be able to make it. Do let us know if your plans change.


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