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Greetings and Hallbaloo!


As the holiday season approaches, I'm sure many of us are looking forward to afternoon perambulations in our finery, and here is a wonderful opportunity to see and be seen!.


The Brunswick Railroad Museum ( will be sponsoring the Annual Victorian Christmas days in Brunswick, Maryland on the weekend of November 27-28th.  What better way to get into the season than with a good old fashioned perambulation around this quaint town!


I will stay dialed-in to this activity and provide updates as I receive them!


Respectfully yours,


Cdre. I. MacIntosh (iMac to my friends).



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Splendid news! We will be in the midst of our 'Victorian Mourning Display' at the museum, but if this is Thanksgiving weekend, I can certainly squeak out for a day and visit y'all-- at least this is my hope. Yes, indeed, keep us posted!
Mrs.Warren I would love to see you there! I cant make definite plans right now to be there but would love to trek up for the trip.


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