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The Crossroads of the Aether

Here be the biographies of all the characters.

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Name -Wally H
Age - 65
Hometown - Seville (somewhere in the Aether)
Blood Type - C (curdling)
Weapon - Hands and Feet
Job - You are kidding, right
Skills - Master of All Trades (especially Snake Oil sales)
Likes - Albinos to Zombies (especially the blonde actress on page 17)
Dislikes - strangers, popcorn without butter, and martinis with magenta umbrellas
Appearance-ask the mirror
[quick]Background - multiple personalities, master of disguises, speaks with sporked tongue, ability to leap
                        be continued.


My Bile Bio : Name- Zachariah Tiberius Zachary III

                    AKA- The Zombie Dude

                    Age- timeless

                    Home town-- Seville (cemetery)

                    Blood Type - coagulated  

                    Weapons - Superior Wit, and an abundance of brains. 

                    Job -  Barber and Part time evil menace

                    Skills - Rhyming words and ripping out brains

                    Likes -  Rhyming words and ripping out brains                   

                    Dislikes - Brainless people

                    Appearance - Tall Dark Handsome  with a slight exfoliation of the epidermis and a minor

                                        discoloration of  pigmentation, followed by the occasional loss of limb 


Name - Riley O'Keefe
Age - 21
Hometown - London, England
Blood Type - O+
Weapon - revolver, knives (one strapped to each thigh), wrench, blow torch, just about any other tool she has on her
Job - Mechanic
Skills - can work wonders on a machine, has the ability to create a new machine as long as she knows what it's supposed to do and has the proper parts.
Likes - anything mechanical, new ideas, getting her hands dirty
Dislikes - fru-fru girls and dresses, closed-in or crowded places, people with no sense of humor
Appearance- Riley has short brown hair and green eyes. She has a pale skin tone and is usually covered in grease and oil. She is of an average height, about 5'3", and skinny. Usually wears men's trousers and a tank top with a leather harness, donning a bomber jacket when the weather calls for it. When the situation calls for it, she will wear a layered gypsy-type skirt, pinned up to the knee in front, with a loose "pirate" shirt and black vest. Always wears a necklace with a large gear. Has several piercings on each ear, usually wears small hoops, and a nose piercing on the right side.
[quick]Background - Riley grew up amongst the working class of London and was trained in the repair and building of mechanics at a very young age by her father. At the age of 8, she was recognized as a mechanical prodigy. When she was 10, her father left and her mother died a few years later due to illness. Riley made her way by working the odd job here and there, always travelling in the hopes of one day either finding her father or an adventure.

Name - Dr. Roland Cabal

Age -25

Hometown - An Irish Druid village and then London

Blood Type - O-

Weapon - A straight razor, a revolver, and his mitts.

Job - Professor of the occult arts and techno-metaphysics

Skills - Able to blend the workings of the occult and technology, a monster with a blade, and just insane enough to be useful.

Likes - Bone yards, blades, and books of forbidden knowledge.

Dislikes - Closed minds, Educators, and mobs with torches...

Appearance- Standing about 6'1", medium build with dark red hair and freckles over the entirety of his otherwise pale flesh. Usually seen donning a plain dust colored shirt and green military style pants tucked into well worn black engineer's boots. Always has his black wool trench coat that reveals a flash of his silver bladed, bone handled straight razor when blown open.

[quick]Background -This form arose in the pagan woods of Ireland. After being "rescued" by a well-to-do Englishman, I was given the best education the dusty halls of an endless line of universities can reward. Professors seem to exhibit adverse temperaments towards a "child of the wilds" that can create fantastic devices of metal and magick, steam and sorcery, that put their own tinker toys to shame so it wasn't until I came to mutually beneficial arrangement with a dean in British America  that I was awarded the title of Doctor.(Doctorate of medieval metaphysics, earned in thirteen months at Miskatonic University) I then used half of an ample patronage, awarded to me by the Dean for a certain techno-metaphysical device to repel inquisitive wives, to come back to London to seek adventure and knowledge.

-Name: Phineas Moody

-Age: 23

-Hometown: Moody Farmstead (Nevada)

-Blood Type: O+

-Weapon: Two steam accelerated revolvers, a steam accelerated lever action rifle -or- steam accelerated double barrel shot gun, and a bowie knife

-Job: Ex-Sheriff, Currently wanderer/outlaw

-Skills: Extremely accurate shot, Extremely fast quick draw, Speedy reload, Advanced Survival skills

-Likes: Whiskey, shooting things, sleeping under the stars, gambling, brawling

-Dislikes: Air Ships, fancy cloths, running out of bullets, knife being dull

-Appearance: Phineas' rugged lifestyle shows in the way he carries himself. He is a man of average height and average build. His eyes are a blue/green hue and his hair is short and red. Upon his head he wear a wide brimmed 'cowboy' hat, a dark brown in color. He also wears a white shirt and a black best under a long, dark brown duster coat. His pants and common brown pants that are normal for where he is from. His boots are dark brown as well, showing great weathering. Although he no longer has his horse, he still wears his spurs. Around his waist he has a dual holster in which to hold his pistols. His knife is also strapped to his leg. 


Phineas Moody had grown up on a farmstead not far from a small town in the American South West. All his childhood, he remembered working for his father, Edward Moody. He helped him herd cattle, break horses, and sew the fields for crops. It was tough work for a child of only eight, but somebody had to help. He had no brothers or sisters, and his mother had died in childbirth due to complications with a shoddy caesarean section, leaving Phineas to the care of his father. Edward, though stern and disciplinary, was a loving man, taking the time to teach his son how to run a ranch correctly, bonding with him in the process. Phineas and Edward would often forsake their house to sleep under the stars next to a camp fire, swapping Native American legends they had heard from the Navajo man that ran the general store in town. Life was simple for them, and they loved it. 

By the time that Phineas was seventeen, his father had contracted Scarlet Fever, and become severely weakened. The young man had to work the farmstead himself while caring for his father at the same time. He grew strong, independent, courageous. Sadly enough,  that winter, Edward had died. Phineas was tasked with burying his father by himself. The boy decided to put his father to rest next to his mother, so that they may be rejoined in the afterlife. It was not long before Phineas was back to work on the farmstead. He knew that little time could pass before he was in trouble. Day in and day out he worked, raising his cattle, breaking his horses, growing his crops. 

In the months following his father’s death, Phineas grew lonely, depressed even. He had begun taking nightly trips to the town’s saloon to drown his misery in whiskey. It did not help much. Every night, for a year, he made his way to the saloon, got drunk, and yelled obscene things at the nightly showgirls. Life had become hollow, empty. Slowly, he stopped working at his homestead. Slowly, he sold away his cattle and all but one horse. By the time he was twenty, Phineas had lost all of his land. He now lived under the stars, making camp about a mile from the town. Phineas, however, was about to have a stroke of good luck.

One day, late in July, Phineas found himself riding to the town for a night at the saloon. He tethered his horse to the rack, giving it a pat before heading in. He kicked open the swinging doors, only to be greeted with the usual hellos and a question from the bar tender, asking if he wanted the usual. A tip of the hat would indicate a yes. Phineas approached the bar, only to see a woman sitting there in his usual place. He looked her up and down, she was rather attractive. Instead of asking her to move, he sat next to her, a smile on his face. Over the next couple of days, Phineas had gotten to know the woman. Her name was Rebecca Sharpton, the daughter Simon Sharpton, the towns gunsmith. The had become quick friends, and soon, they were lovers. A few months passed and Phineas went to Simon, asking for his approval to marry Rebecca. Simon was unsure, he knew the boy’s history, was hesitant. Mr. Sharpton struck a deal with Simon. If he could work with the gunsmith for a full year, he would allow him to marry his daughter. Phineas agreed and set off to work. During his year he learned a lot about guns. He knew about load, point and shoot up until this point, but that was it. Because he worked with guns, he learned much. During his time at the gunsmith’s he built many revolvers and many rifles. He also tested them to make sure they worked properly. Unbeknownst to Simon, however, Phineas would sneak guns out at night, and take them to his encampment for practice. Over the course of the year, he became an astonishing marksman and quick shot. Phineas was satisfied with his progress with guns. Finally, the year had finished, and Phineas had met Simon’s expectations, and was allowed to marry Rebecca.

A few years past, and the couple were happy. They had a small home on the edge of town, Phineas had become the new sheriff, and Rebecca was with child. All was well. However, darkness loomed over the horizon. Late one evening, in the middle of March, a group of slavers started a raid on the town. It started at the Town Hall, spreading like a wild fire. The group wanted only one thing, women, to be sold as slaves aboard the air ships in Europe. Phineas awoke to screams, rushing to the window to see his town engulfed with flames. Quickly, he geared up, and took the the streets, telling his wife to stay hidden. He opened with his rifle, shooting off rounds at a rather fast pace, taking down a raider with each bullet. Soon, he was out of rounds, switching over to his two favorite revolvers, both augmented with steam acceleration. He began to unload on the next twelve targets he saw. After he was out of bullets, he holstered his guns and drew his machete. He went after the closest raiders he saw, taking out two or three before a loud bang was heard behind him. Phineas felt a sharp pain, then a wetness in his shirt. Looking down, he saw the damage, he had been shot through the gut. He turned to see a man with a dirty sneer on his face, a single shot pistol pointed at him. That was the last thing Phineas saw. 

He awoke in a home not his own, bandages around his torso. He looked around for his gear, it was all at the foot of his bed. Quietly, he sat up, pain shooting through his body. Despite his desire to lie back down and rest, he could not. He redressed himself and exited the room. He saw a doctor and his son, from the next town over in the next room. The doctor pleaded with him to get back in bed, but Phineas refused, he had to find his wife. The man grabbed a horse, and made for his home, as fast as possible. When he arrived, however, there was nothing but ashes. The whole down was leveled, nothing left. Phineas wept for the loss of his wife, not knowing what to do. The man dug through the rubble and ashes, soon finding the charred body of a woman. He knew this to be his Rebecca. Distraught, he sat there, the carcass in his arms. Time passed, and Phineas healed. Now, with his ring on a chain around his neck, he roams the English Country in search for the man who shot him, and killed his wife.

(If nobody objects to my running the pirate as a backup NPC, here's his bio):

Name: Richard Tanner

Rank: ship`s carpenter.

Appearance: 5`3, 160 lbs, broad-shouldered build, mostly muscle. Dark brown hair and amber eyes, with several days worth of stubble.

Skills- shipwright, general carpentry. Decent shot with longarms, personal preference for shotguns with buckshot or buck & ball loads, be they standard guns, or his personal firearm- a bolt-action Dreyse needle gun, with modified buckshot cartridges, the weapon customized to a blunderbuss-style design. Given to him by Captain Hartmann.
Also often carries a dirk, taken from an ill-tempered Scotsman who had attacked him while in port, as well as any carpentry tools on hand, which can often serve as improvised weapons if need be. Is an adequate brawler. Speaks some German and Polish.

Likes: Good food, of any kind (especially Pirogi). Good drink, especially hard cider.
Dislikes: Arrogant people, and the English court system in general.

Bio: Raised by his shipwright father on the docks, Richard learned the trade, both for seagoing vessels and airships. During mid-teens, however, a young woman of his acquaintance became pregnant. Her father, a local deacon, brought charges of assault against the young Richard . Under his solicitor`s advice, who claimed a conviction was likely- despite his client`s adamant claims of innocence, he eventually plead guilty and threw himself on the mercy of the court, to be sentenced to service in the Royal Air Corps rather than Newgate. Six months out, his ship was attacked by Captain Hartmann and crew, with Richard later being one of several convict-soldiers `offered` a position with the pirate crew to replace their crewmen lost in the engagement. He accepted quickly, though the things he`s seen since joining have at times made him question the choice, and have left him increasingly jaded as time passed. As yet, enough of his old morality remains that he hasn`t harmed a woman or child, though to his occasional regret, self-preservation has led him to turn a blind eye to his crewmates` actions from time to time...

You want to play a baddie eh? we have the perfect character for you then :D

Oh, no, by all means play a baddie.  Richard is morally neutral, more self-interest oriented, than evil.

And someone else from Whitechapel?  :)  Fantastic!  Two other characters already existing in the RP happen to be from there as well!  It truly IS a small world after all, as someone named Disney might someday proclaim...

OK in the meantime, you think you could fill in for another baddie, he is a twisted lover named Laric who is addicted to this womans blood, if you want to know more, just ask Thessalonica Jones, she has the entire backstory.  Cheers (Ms Saelia hasnt been on for a while now, so you may have to wait until she comes back, sorry)

You can still observe the rp if youd like sir, sorry for the confusion

-Name; Doric Jinx, The Changeling, Anansi

-Age; 35

-Hometown: London

-Blood Type; O

-Weapon; Has a mechanical arm that has changeable appendages, some of which are weapons. These include a longsword, 6 round gas powered bolt shooter, bolas, nets, and an electro shocker to name a few.

-Job; Once a skilled engineer and scientist, now a free roaming vigilante

-Skills; Extremely skilled engineer and scientist. Has a mechanical spider’s body which, though large, is extremely agile, strong and able to walk on walls and upside down with the use of adaptable feet.

-Likes; The Earth, good friends, alcohol (though not too excessively, he just likes a drink) cheroots.

-Dislikes; People who judge him by his appearance. A lack of water, as he needs 10L a day to recharge his boiler.

-Appearance – On first glance quite grotesque to most. His upper body is that of a fashionable English gent. However, Doric has a specially built mechanical spider abdomen and thorax instead of hips and legs. His body is grafted to the thorax, and by means of thoughts and muscle control he controls the bodies movements. The body has the normal 8 spider legs and can adhere to walls, however the front legs can be fitted with hands for the extra handiness that bring! The abdomen contains all his belongings, including an extensive collection of prosthetic hand adaptations. He can use thoughts transferred by nerves to cycle through these to collect which ever adaptation he desires from a small hatch located behind his back. Un-needed adaptations are deposited into the same hatch for return to their place.

-Background – (how to fit this into a page!)

Doric was a gifted child since birth. He had access to the best schools, and quickly progressed though multiple disciplines when he reached university age. However, he maintained a love of the environment, and became concerned with the pollution of air and water due to the rise of the coal powered steam industry. He continued to tinker with various machines, but desired mainly to develop a new form of heating steam. His life was a joyous blend of research and development, a close circle of friends, and a loving wife with which to start a family.

 He finally discovered success. A blend of certain ores and chemicals, when placed in water, created a chemical reaction which flash boiled the water, and the resulting steam could be contained in a super strong container under intense pressure, which could then be trickle released to run machinery. Doric approached many industries with this, who were interested, but tied under contract to the coal industry.

The coal industry leaders saw Doric as a threat and wanted him out of the picture. They planted a bomb in his family home, which, when detonated. killed his wife and son and removed Doric’s legs and hand. His 3 closest friends, a doctor, an engineer and an inventor, found his body and cared for him. When he regained consciousness, he saw a way to regain mobility again, and get revenge on his attackers. Together they redesigned one of Doric’s own creations, a mechanical spider, to be able to be grafted to his own body. His inventor friend had also developed a prosthetic hand which was grafted to the stump that remained. By means of minute connections to his nerves he could control the movement of the hand, and manipulate other useful mechanical prosthetics. Doric then went on to develop several other attachments which he thought he could aid him in his revenge. He did this in secret as he did not want his friends to see how the attack had altered his outlook on the sanctity of life.

Doric trained to gain complete control of his new body. He could direct it with the slightest thought and muscle movement. He could leap up over 5 meters, and turn his body in mid air, landing either on his feet again, or clinging onto walls and ceilings mid leap. He went from needing concentrated thought to find the attachments stored in his abdomen, which were cycled through by use of a system of chains and gears, to requiring only the thought of which number he desired, until he could go from painting a picture to wielding a reciprocal saw blade in mere seconds.

Finally it was time to put his new body to good use. He attacked the industrial strongholds of the men who had killed his family and bought them to crumbling ruins. He also printed the information about his inventions clearly onto pamphlets and distributed them city wide. Soon the town was buzzing about the spider bodied saboteur and the new technology that could replace coal and bring in a new age of clean steam. However this all came at a cost. His new body was too conspicuous, and there were bounty hunters out searching for him. Life in the Big City became too hazardous. Doric purchased a ticket aboard a steamer and set sail for new lands. He first visited Africa, where he was taken in by local tribes, renamed Anansi, and taught bush-craft and the skills of the warrior. He discovered he could use his mechanical body and skills for good, and pledged to protect the innocent wherever he may be. He fought slavers, pirates and terrorists as he travelled the globe. His travels finally bought him to the British Americas, where he decided to roam the rough land and do what good he could.


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