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During the time we spent planning this RP, we have all become friends.  Of course, there are going to be times when we will wish to talk about things that aren't related to the game.  I thought we could use this discussion for this.  I know there is always the chat box, but it doesn't work for some people or only works half the time.  Also, not everyone can be on at the same time.  I just thought I'd create this discusstion and see where it ends up. :)

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for most youth who want to feel "grownup" oft have the wrong idea, for those who want pleasure, well stay away from them. lol


I was doing some research and i realized that my character Cyrus looks a hellova lot like Igor Karkaroff from Harry Potter lol

What a twist!

I just remembered something that we might have overlooked...

At least some of the noblemen in our group might well have military rank of some form, given that the campaign is set in 1827, and the Napoleonic wars didn't end until 1815

So, I guess the question is, 'how many people here have read the Sharpe's series by Bernard Cornwell, or watched the Sean Bean adaptations?'  Because the feel and settings are both only a decade out of date.

Of course, that also means the revolvers several of us are packing are going to need the notation that they're probably not cartridges, since rimfire cartridges didn't get patented until 1831.  Unless the Fae already had some form of cartridge, and shared the knowledge with humans a bit early...

Thomas, remember, this is steampunk and things can be invented before their actual time, one great example is the movie, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, where the tank is and the assault rifles, the body armor and the submarine, along with the car, lol i love that movie ^.^

Valid point.  Which was one reason I floated the idea of the Fae providing the inspiration for it a bit early.  I know, humans could have done it on their own, as well, It just seemed a convenient exploitation of an available resource, to involve the Fae somehow.

true, sir very true, of course, it will all come down to whether the fae will teach us about it or not XD

As you yourself just said, "true sir, very true".  :)

I've had a bad day today

Oh dear :(

Hello, I believe I have solved the issue that sent me fleeing from this site. I was wondering if you, my friends, would allow me back in the RP with the promise that I will not forsake you again. I hoping that you will forgive me my earlier flightiness and welcome me back aboard. Let me know how you feel. I look forward to rping with you all again. 


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