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Vinnie Indigo's Groups (18)

  • The Steamers Express

    29 members Latest Activity: Jan 25, 2013 Location for the collaboration of the up-and-coming Newsletter for the Empire! It's in its developmental stages, so if you have talents to contribute…

  • The Clockwork Occult

    24 members Latest Activity: Sep 13, 2012 The Clockwork Occult is an RP/LARP/General Community for all and everything Steampunk. All that is required for joining us is an active…

  • Miskatonic Alums and Dropouts

    144 members Latest Activity: Aug 20 Graduated with honors? Forced out in shame? Lost your assistantship? All are welcome! Stop by the First Tavern of Dagon, kick back, and reminisce.

  • Covenant of the Kraken

    32 members Latest Activity: on Monday The Covenant of the Kraken is a confederation of time traveling privateers, their sea, air, land, and subsurface vessels, and their support ships and…

  • Collaboration Corner

    191 members Latest Activity: May 1 Got an idea for a great project, but you've only got the skills for half of it?
    You are surrounded by creative people! Many of them are…

  • The Wet-Glass RO

    17 members Latest Activity: Apr 30, 2011 The Wet-Glass RO are a musical collaboration of Captain Caspar Byron and Dr. Aegis Mutton, whom together attempt to reunite and restore a destroyed…

  • Veronique Chevalier, Mad Sonictist

    363 members Latest Activity: on Monday Veronique Chevalier- The "Weird VAL" of Dark Cabaret- A Mad Sonictist taking maniacal pleasure in combining unrelated musical forms into unholy…

  • The Cog is Dead

    165 members Latest Activity: Jun 8

    A Clock Maker, A Millionaire & A Time-Machine Mechanic travel across time spreading their music and encouraging people to use steam engines…

  • Gilded Guttersnipes

    394 members Latest Activity: Jul 6 Rich in style, but low on cash? Come share your thrifty steampunk projects and fashion.

  • The Army of Toy Soldiers

    207 members Latest Activity: Apr 24, 2012 This is a group for those of us who appreciate the creativity and inner workings of the mind of Dr Steel. We are here to continue Dr Steel's dream of…

  • Sky pirates guild

    129 members Latest Activity: Jun 17 the one and only sky pirates guild! to share plunder and stories of adventure

  • The Airship Bastian

    13 members Latest Activity: on Monday We are the crew and allies of The Airship Bastian. Based in Florida and New York, but we have crew from across the world.

  • Steampunk Villains

    138 members Latest Activity: Jul 26 This is a group for the vile and vicious villains of the steampunk world. These revolting, repugnant and rancorous reprobates are not the common…

  • SteamGoth

    103 members Latest Activity: Feb 9 For those who are drawn to the darker side of Steampunk.

  • World Steam Expo

    473 members Latest Activity: Sep 10 The Premier Steampunk event of the Midwest.120 years in the making, we're striving to bring forth an event the likes the world has yet to…

  • Central Florida Steampunk Association

    121 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    Jawaharlal Nehru once said “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure...” So lets batten down the hatches, load the…

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