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  • Tesla Rangers

    22 members Latest Activity: Sep 5

    A place for the Tesla Rangers to share ideas.

  • The Guild of Weaponsmiths and Weapon Engineers

    143 members Latest Activity: Jun 28 This is a starting place for Weapon makers and designers of all skill levels to get ideas, post projects, and get feedback.   Discussions here can…

  • A Steam Powered Cause

    69 members Latest Activity: Oct 30 A Steam Powered Cause is a group of steampunk inspired individuals who aspire to help others through a positive outlook and a…

  • 42nd Airship Battalion ~ Houston

    192 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    Purpose:  To enhance enjoyment of the steampunk experience.


    •      Be…

  • SCARS ~ South Central Armada of Renegade Steampunks

    217 members Latest Activity: Oct 31 U.S.A. ~ South Central States  (Including but not limited to:  Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.)

  • The Cog of Acceptance

    1269 members Latest Activity: Dec 3

    The COG was founded on the principle that no one has the right to tell you "your style of steampunk is not right." 

    Proper manners,…

  • Friends of the Airship Isabella

    138 members Latest Activity: Oct 30

  • The Pinkertons

    58 members Latest Activity: Oct 30 The community for detectives, spies, victorian prosecutors, post-mortem examinators, attorneys, private investigators and everyone interested in 19th…

  • The Sons and Daughters of Nemo

    83 members Latest Activity: Nov 11 "Mobilis In Mobili"
    We are the sons and daughters of Nemo. Journey with us to a world devoid of light, full of sound, and crushing pressure.…

  • World Steam Expo

    472 members Latest Activity: Oct 30 The Premier Steampunk event of the Midwest.120 years in the making, we're striving to bring forth an event the likes the world has yet to…

  • Dallas area Steampunks

    63 members Latest Activity: Oct 17 Steampunks in the dallas area better names welcome

  • Texan Aether & Steam

    205 members Latest Activity: Nov 23 A group to discus steampunk in Texas, to organize meet-ups, to share steamy locations, and to just plain socialize!

  • Steampunk Stitching Association

    639 members Latest Activity: Dec 5 A united association for seamstresses, tailors and crafters of the steampunk variety from all across the globe and sky. Come in, sharpen your…

  • Covenant of the Kraken

    32 members Latest Activity: Oct 17 The Covenant of the Kraken is a confederation of time traveling privateers, their sea, air, land, and subsurface vessels, and their support ships and…

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