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  • The Generators of Discussion

    65 members Latest Activity: Mar 20

    Welcome to the group that encourages discussion of a variety of topics and views. Each week a new Steampunk based discussion topic will be aired,…

  • ((title coming soon))

    22 members Latest Activity: Apr 22, 2013

    Good Day and welcome!

    I hope you are in the mood for epic storytelling for this role play story consists of bizarre happenings and strange…

  • Quad A Airsylum Fleet

    29 members Latest Activity: Apr 8

    Quad A Airsylum is a fleet of 4 ships. This aerial prison fleet houses the most vial creatures to ever exist.

    The flag ship Apparition is…

  • The Iron Realm

    9 members Latest Activity: Jul 25, 2012

    This group is the hub of the steampunk role play The Iron Realm.

  • SCARS ~ South Central Armada of Renegade Steampunks

    212 members Latest Activity: Mar 2 U.S.A. ~ South Central States  (Including but not limited to:  Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.)

  • The Cog of Acceptance

    1261 members Latest Activity: Apr 12

    The COG was founded on the principle that no one has the right to tell you "your style of steampunk is not right." 

    Proper manners,…

  • Steampunk Tea Culture

    376 members Latest Activity: Mar 28 We collect and share information related to tea culture throughout time and around the world. Our object is to enhance steampunks' knowledge and…

  • The Hope

    20 members Latest Activity: Dec 13, 2012 before you moored to the ground floats the hope. a ship made with loveing hands, and flown toward greater adventures! armed like a pirate ship, but…

  • Time Travel Tips

    17 members Latest Activity: Apr 10 If You have traveled though time,and would like to share your experience, this is the place!

  • The Guild of Weaponsmiths and Weapon Engineers

    140 members Latest Activity: on Monday This is a starting place for Weapon makers and designers of all skill levels to get ideas, post projects, and get feedback.   Discussions here can…

  • The League of Airship Captains

    57 members Latest Activity: Mar 25

    This league is for anyone who loves adventures, RPG games and airshipping. It is a mix of them all. To join a ship, join the group and comment…

  • Gamers for Gaming

    63 members Latest Activity: May 11, 2013

    Whether it's tabletop (via boardgame or pen & paper), online (MMOs, MMORPGs, Browser), or via console (PS2, PS3, Gamecube, Wii, XBox, PC,…

  • Society of Steampunk Artists

    439 members Latest Activity: Feb 23 A gathering place for all of the "artistes" in our midst, be they visual artists, writers, musicians and the like.

  • Collaboration Corner

    192 members Latest Activity: May 7, 2013 Got an idea for a great project, but you've only got the skills for half of it?
    You are surrounded by creative people! Many of them are…

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