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Top Members this Week

Top Members 

1 Bryce Raffle

Bryce Raffle

British Columbia, Canada

2 Steve Moore

Steve Moore

LONDON, United Kingdom

3 Captain


Juneau, AK, United States

4 C.J.M.


Scotland, United Kingdom

5 Captain Moriba

Captain Moriba

Columbia, MD, United States

6 Alessandro S (the Librarian)

Alessandro S (the Librarian)

Washington, DC, United States

7 Groomporter aka Charles Knutson

Groomporter aka Charles Knutson

Minneapolis, MN, United States

8 P. Aloysius Regnad

P. Aloysius Regnad

Colchester, VT, United States

9 Scully


Fort Worth, TX, United States

10 Dankaert Lexicon

Dankaert Lexicon

Radio Kootwijk, Netherlands

11 Santee


Tucson, AZ, United States

12 The Scarlet Derby

The Scarlet Derby

Denver, CO, United States

13 Stephanie Kato

Stephanie Kato

Cerritos, CA, United States

14 Karen J Carlisle

Karen J Carlisle

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

15 David Lee Summers

David Lee Summers

Mesilla Park, NM, United States

16 Lady N

Lady N

Thessaly, Greece

17 Mikhail krakyn c.o.G.s

Mikhail krakyn c.o.G.s

Edgewood, NM, United States

18 Professor Philip McKraken

Professor Philip McKraken

East Brunswick, NJ, United States

19 Athene Radcliffe, Ph.D.

Athene Radcliffe, Ph.D.

Columbia, MD, United States

20 M.R. Graham

M.R. Graham

Mission, TX, United States

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