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Initial concept sketch for the next Steampunk Iron Man costume. Not sure if I will wear a duster or a vest, just starting to flesh out the big picture.

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Comment by Luke MacGilvray on April 12, 2012 at 9:09pm

I would love to see your interpretation of a Steampunk Cowboy.  The real life costumes I have seen have been anywhere from really weak to interesting, but none of them have made me say 'WOW!"  I already have additions/changes to this concept, such as an inverted horseshoe on the helmet top that I am going to wire up with stungun electronics so I can pass an electric arc between the open ends on top with the push of a button and my left hand will have a 'repulsor ray' add to the gauntlet instead of a drawn weapon.  I am looking for a really crude welded together look for the bronze/copper panels that will make up the chestpiece and helmet, as the late 1800s would look, as opposed to the large rivets I had on my previous Steampunk Iron Man costume (Kaiser Eisenbart) that was a WWI look.  The backpack will have dual paintball gun air canisters primed to XXPSI and the elbow and knee joints will be equipped with roller valves and pre-staging chambers will simulate a pheumatic assisted armor, so as I walk or move, small jets of air will be released.  Lots to work to do before the 2012 Steam World Expo in Dearborn, so I am going to be really busy on this version.  

Comment by G.A. Jack Hammerquist on April 11, 2012 at 8:07pm

I have seen this photo as well and it has influenced my ideas for what I want to do as well. Maybe not iron man per say but I am working on the helmet, sculpting it from scratch. I even plan on building a arm and hand armor set but that will take a lot more work than a helmet.  I look forward to seeing your finished work.  I hope I will have something to show off in the near future as well.

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