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From the Ashes

I know its not really "steampunk" persay... but the tribal look with the belts as boots was inspired by steampunkery ^_^

Species: Panix (Half Panda, Half Phoenix)
100% Digitally drawn with tablet. © Kidril Telrunya

Back story.
A village decimated in a matter of moments, leaving no one alive... or so they thought. From the ashes and piles of rubble, a Panix rises. Broken and bleeding, burnt from the flames, she peers around to see the devastation that just had formed in her beloved village. She sees the last of the monsters who slew her loved ones killing all, and leaving no survivors. Wore from battle, she collapses. When she comes to, all that's left is smoldering piles of what remains of her once peaceful life. A vow is made right then, to exact revenge upon the devilish brutes who tore her life away. She then becomes the warrior who rose from the ashes, and made a vow to the flames to extinguish those lives, who destroyed hers.

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Comment by Felix Horonigus Ameldubar on July 23, 2012 at 8:00am

I play WOW too.

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