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Lycanthrope Case

This is the V 1.0 version of my Lycanthrope case, which has since gained some additions.

Lycanthrope Case Inventory

Methods of Attaining Lycanthropy
Lycanthropus flowers (both dried and in Herbes de Loup-Garou)
Water from a wolf’s footprint
Dehydrated lycanthrope saliva
Water collected downstream of Drinking (Were?)wolves
Wolf fur strap
Lycanthropic salve
Lupine Cerebrum
Werewolf Oil
Water collected from a lycanthropy-inducing stream
Lycanthropy powder (powder remaining after distilling aforementioned water)

Lycanthrope Parts
Mummified werewolf finger
Lycanthrope fang talisman
Broken (Lubin?) fang
Claw from the beast of Gevaudan
Claw and tooth from either a wolf or werewolf
Lycanthrope Blood
Bones of the Wawkalak
Irrinja Fang
Vial of werewolf fur
Lycanthrope Ocular Tissue (Eye)

Other Lycanthropic Specimines
Lycanthropic Accelerant
Wood taken from the funeral pyre of Peter Stumpp
Soil sample from a lycanthropic Spring
Remains of an Adlet kill
Bzou musk
Soil taken from a wolf’s pawprint
Werewolf Print Casting
Lycanthrope Pheromone
Wolf transformation figurine
Pendant taken from an ulfhamr

Informational Documentation
The Journal of an Anonymous Werewolf (The Lycanomicon)
Tracking the Stages of Metamorphosis: The print of the transforming werewolf’s forepaw.
Photograph: The Lycanthrope in the forests of America.
Fennel: Herb of the Benandanti
Field Studies
Print of the trial and tortures of Peter Stumpp
Aconite identification sheet
Methods of Attaining Lycanthropy: An Incomplete List
The Skeleton of a Lycanthrope study.

Defense Against Lycanthrope Materials
Lycanthropic Suppressant
Peeled Mountain Ash Berries
Aromatic Ambiguant
Silver powder
Aconite extract
Werewolf repellent
Essence of Frog

Magnifying Glass (Now part of the costume tool bandaleer)
Small chalkboard and chalk
Werewolf box
Tweesers (Flat-headed, angled, points)
Scissors (Now part of the costume tool bracer)
Fountain Pen
Lycanomicon decoy box
Candle and matches (Now part of a lantern, not in the kit)
Specimine collecting cup and vial
Eyedropper (Now part of the costume tool bracer)
Compass/sundial (now worn on costume belt)
Telescope (Now part of the costume tool bandaleer)

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