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Panaudial Otophone

Commissioned by a Lady Adventuress from the city of Lancaster, our Chief of Artificers has laboured mightily to produce this prototype of the Panaudial Otophonic Listening Device. Whether alerting the User to the tell-tale hum and crackle of Pirate Airship Impellers, the stealthy tread of the Saurian Natives of the Venusian Jungle, or the Ambushing Savages of the Martian Highlands, the Panaudial Otophonic Listening Device is the Trusty Companion of Bold Voyageurs the solar system over. Crafted in cunningly-wrought brass, copper and steel with carven wood fittings, it is sturdy enough to give a lifetime's sturdy service. Thirty-three Guineas, including carriage within Her Majesty's Home Dominions.

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