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RFAL Blunderbuss 9102 3104

These Blunderbusses work on the well known principle of Resonant Frequency Amplification Liquefaction whereby the resonant frequency of the target is measured, amplified by the blunderbuss to the necessary strength and beamed back to the target which will thus be liquified.
They are made from real Gallic oak (Venusian worm oak was not available) and (non-resinous) brass.

The 9102 3104 is 165 cm long and weighs 12 kg and is primarily a long range weapon for small targets at 2 to 3 km.

The A7513 C9854 weighs 17 kg and is about 180 cm long and is for larger targets at closer range.
Due to their weight these blunderbusses are mainly for use on low gravity planets but may also be suspended from a balloon. When fired lights blink and the usual RFAL sounds emit from the barrels.

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