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Steampunk clock/Calendar Widget

New version of Steampunk clock/Calendar Widget

In version 2.6 the real changes provided in the latest version are the ability to properly resize the clock, a new day of the week indicator, the slider animation is much slicker, the slider can now be operated with your mouse scroll wheel, reduced cpu usage overall, lower cpu required by the pendulum swing action, many bugs fixed, slicker operation in general, standard 12 hour clock face, a right click menu with plenty of options and links, more documentation and more back end preferences to configure and play with. Some of the graphics have also been improved upon.

Do download the new version and find the instructions here:

A Steam Punk Widget for your Mac/Windows desktop, a fully working ticking steampunk clock/calendar which can be moved around your desktop looking very steampunk. It tells the date/time in digital and analogue format with a swinging pendulum. It chimes and ticks too and has a full range of sounds.

The clock has an alarm function and the ability to set the current time forwards or backwards using a "time machine" style interface. A drop down help canvas and status display complete the picture.

Download the engine here: widget engine and install it.

Then install the widget from here :

and you'll have a fully working widget on your desktop.

Whatever you do don't forget to log in and vote at Rocketdock

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