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A D Cruize's Discussions

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Steampunk or Steampunker? Do you have a preference?

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And is there a difference?  Is a steampunker one that steampunks things, while Steampunk describes a state of being?  Can one be a Steampunk without being a steampunker and vice versa?It seems that context would be enough to distinguish between the…Continue

Robotic Dragonfly

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I thought this was too cool to not share . . .Link to articleLink to YouTube…Continue

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Please forgive me if there is already a discussion thread on Safety.  My cursory searches have not found any.  Here are some general guidelines that should cover most situations.  The text is below and it is also attached as a .pdf file. Please feel…Continue

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Wild Wild West Con Photos

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If you add photos from WWWC, please post a link here.Here are mine (so far):  …Continue

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Happy Valentine's Day

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Check out these contemporary photos of St. Valentine.…Continue


Do come in - we've been expecting you. And, please, call me CRUIZE.

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Profile Information


The persona:
Adam Douglass Cruize here. Currently assigned to the 42nd Airship Battalion of the Mother Earth Air Navy.
There are no ranks in the M.E.A.N. - just duties.
Although certified as Chief Engineer and Sr. Navigator aboard the big ships, most of my assignments are reconnaissance - with lots of time on terra firma.
My certs qualify me for anything aboard a small flyer, so I still get into the skies enough without crewing on the big ships.
These days it's really all about working to foil the pirates and other bullies.

The person:
Industrial physicist / design engineer.
Lover of good fiction, art, music and good times.

On Facebook as:

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At 8:21pm on August 22, 2014, Captain Mortig Janu said…

Sorry for my lengthy delay in replying to your comment on my wall, I will do my best to remember to remind you should I see you this year.

At 4:26pm on August 12, 2014, Annabelle Lee Corvus said…
Was lovely to meet you too!! I'm going to need to pick your brain about holsters for my little modified derringers.... Very happy to be a part of the 42nd!
At 6:31am on April 07, 2014, Sky Marshall gave A D Cruize a gift
At 6:30am on April 7, 2014, Sky Marshall said…


Cruize my good man... Pardon my delayed response, I was caught in a temporal rift that lasted most of March. I am temporarily free, however time being time the rift could re-emerge at any moment. I too did not make WWWCon this year. I communicated with Mother around the time of WWW and she was wondering why we weren't there yet. Speaking of Thereyet give my regards to Arewe'.


Full Steam my Friend... Full Steam.


.............-~< Sky Marshall >~-.................

Gideon Alexander Cornelius Thaddeus Prime


At 4:16pm on February 23, 2014, Baldur Makepeace Bear said…

Cruize, thank you for the charming time machine, see you yesterday.


At 5:50pm on February 14, 2014, mlle.deedee Bourget-gauzot said…

Bonsoir ! A.D. Cruize...

merci, beaucoup pour la Saint-Valentin Des bonbons .

mlle.deedee gauzot :)

At 4:13pm on February 11, 2014, Leslie Orton said…

Mr. Cruize, 

I have talen your advice to heart regarding how I post The Aether Chronicle. But I am having trouble: how do people "Follow" my discussion? I do not see that option available. Also, you mentioned possibly having to post a date in the discussion, to be sure people receive updates? If you could clarify these points any further I would greatly appreciate it.


At 1:28pm on January 27, 2014, Annabelle Lee Corvus said…

Thank you very much Mr. Cruize!  I am hoping to be the area soon! Not that I'm all that far at the moment~

At 4:54pm on January 25, 2014, Leslie Orton said…

Well, that's alright then. Please accept the fifth edition of The Aether Chronicle.


At 5:54am on January 14, 2014, mlle.deedee Bourget-gauzot said…

I truly hope that your day went well... too !

merci beaucoup !

mlle.deedee gauzot :)

At 5:54am on January 14, 2014, mlle.deedee Bourget-gauzot said…

Bonjour ! A.D.Cruize...

avec plaisir...

" It was just the right balance of bitter and smooth.  There were chocolate, wheat and tobacco undertones with a definite toffee finish..."

héhé !...

At 2:08am on January 09, 2014, mlle.deedee Bourget-gauzot gave A D Cruize a gift
This year... have a drink...Instead Of a slice Of cake... too !
At 2:03am on January 9, 2014, mlle.deedee Bourget-gauzot said…

Bonsoir ! A.D. Cruize...

I'm just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Birthday ! again...Here's wishing you have a good one... too !

mlle.deedee gauzot :)

At 5:16pm on January 3, 2014, Sky Marshall said…


Cruize my Good Man... Here's to an Adventurous New Year. I feel that 2014 shall be the year we find ourselves crossing paths again somewhere out there in the Aether.


Full Steam my Friend Full Steam


..............-~< Sky Marshall >~-...............

Gideon Alexander Cornelius Thaddeus Prime


At 10:20am on September 19, 2013, Florence Coffyn-Hagneré said…

Merci Monsieur, for all these details and information.
Have a gorgeous day!

At 11:02am on August 17, 2013, Duke Shannon Glynne said…


It would be my pleasure to join the 42nd, and I am honored to be amongst the crew. I thank you kindly for your invite good sir.

At 7:20am on August 17, 2013, Drew Heyen said…

I EVENTUALLY intend to start making wool hats. Top hats shouldn't be a problem. My issue with wool is that you have to do a lot more math, to account for the "shrink".

At 2:46pm on August 11, 2013, CPT Edward Leviticus said…
Good afternoon Sir, I am sad to report I was unsuccessful getting the time off to attend Lone Star Con. So no, I will not be there. Darn, I got all excited about being tasked with a mission.
At 10:11am on August 11, 2013, Katarina Glynne said…

Thank you for the welcome gift. I am glad to be a part of the 42nd.

Panel Resume

All panels are rated "G" and place strong emphases on Safety.  References to "maturity" below describe the panel itself - not a rating for attendees.  We have presented at:  Comicpalooza, RealmsCon, Space City Con, Twisted Gears, The Difference Engine and Aeolo Expo.

Panel Descriptions:

The Science of Adhesion:  Much more than "use glue xyz to stick this to that."  This lecture explains in lay terms why adhesives and paints do, and sometimes don't, stick where we want them.  This panel has been presented enough times to have matured very nicely and audience response has been excellent.  Looking for scientists (especially away for the Houston area) to help with this and present it on their own when Cruize is not available.

Toy-to-Prop Modification:  This is a "make & take' panel that usually charges $8 - $10 (includes sales tax ~ buying the toy is optional).  Plastic toy guns are prepped and ready for decoration.  A short demonstration is given and, while paid participants decorate their new treasure, Thereyet & Cruize describe the plastic preparation process in detail.  This panel has been presented several times and the quality of the finished props is amazing.  We have a State Sales Tax I.D. only for Texas at this time.

Intro to Ballroom Waltz:  This panel teaches 3 - 4 basic Waltz steps and is designed to have non-dancers holding their own in 3/4 time at the end of the hour.  All equipment can be provided but a PA system eliminates the need to drag an amp around.  Adequate floor space is needed - when preceding a dance or Ball, the dance floor for that event is perfect.  This one has been presented enough times to be considered very mature and it has been quite popular.

Intro to East Coast Swing (Jitterbug):  A dance workshop very much like the waltz above.  Has only been presented once so far and it went quite well.

Intro to Ballroom Foxtrot:  A dance workshop very much like the waltz above.  Has only been presented once so far and it went quite well.

How to Give Successful Panels and Presentations:  Designed to inspire individual growth and encourage higher quality panels at conventions.  This is a mature panel that has been given several times and a team of Panel Panel Panelists is in place to present this in the Houston Area.  It can easily be stretched to 1-1/2 or 2 hours upon request (the last go was 1-1/2 hrs).  A good choice for late Friday or early Sunday.

Intro to Ballroom Rumba:  A dance workshop very much like the waltz above.  Has been presented once so far and it went OK.  Not a first choice for dance panels - Waltz, Swing and Foxtrot should get preference.  Surprisingly, most Rave-style music has a perfect Rumba beat.

Intro to Working with Leather:  A very basic presentation that tells how to get started  with emphasis on tooling/carving the leather (adding designs to vegetable tanned cowhide).  Not a hands-on workshop.  Includes information on start-up costs.  Presented three times so far and has matured nicely.

Steampunk Maker:  Covers most of the basics to get started making props.  Includes many tips and tricks and emphasizes tools and start-up costs.  Steampunk specific content is minimal.  Presented once so far - the room was packed and attendees loved it.  Could be titled "Intro to Prop Making".

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques:  Starts with a brief presentation followed by a generous period of Q & A.  Finishes with an in-depth presentation on backyard metal casting and DYI mold-making.

The Science of Lighter Than Air-Ships:  For Steampunks, Steampunk authors and anyone interested in science.  Starts with a brief history of lighter than air flight.  Covers the basic science and then goes into materials selection for the real deal or RC models.

How Would the World Be if Geeks & Nerds Ran It?:  Originally presented as "Real World Survival Guide for Geeks and Nerds".  Not sure where this panel wants to go, but it seems to need doing.  Very immature panel - need to give it a few more times before it "finds itself".  Currently has lots of audience participation - expect it to stay that way.

Steampunk in Houston:  Designed to give some insight into the local culture.  This has been given three times and is informal & very flexible.  Can easily be done in 1/2 hour.  Always includes Q & A.  One hour version includes a short meet & greet.  A good choice for Sunday afternoon.

Panels "on the drawing board":  These can be "whipped up" with 6 - 8 weeks notice.

~ Zen and the Art of Steampunk (could be titled Steampunk Zengineering)

~ The Life & Fiction of:

   ~ H. P. Lovecraft

   ~ H. G. Wellls

   ~ Jules Verne

~ A Little More Waltz: A brief review of Intro and then focus on the Natural & Reverse Turns

~ Intro to Ballroom Cha-Cha

~ Intro to Ballroom Tango

~ DIY Kilt Making

~ Science & Science Fiction in Superhero Comics

~ Careers is Science, Engineering, Technology & Math

~ Introduction to Steampunk

~ Not on the drawing board, but other Steampunk topics (except gaming & LARP)

Credentials and Ancillary info:

A D Cruize has been involved in Steampunk since late 2010 and participates in about 11 events per year.  He enjoys presenting panels and workshops at conventions and is usually in league with his (real life) brother, Arewe' Thereyet.  Cruize is an industrial physicist with 30+ years of design and development engineering experience.  Thereyet has 30+ years of industrial machining and fabrication experience.  Almost all presentations are designed to run 50 minutes and include a handout with a panel outline and additional resources.  Panel descriptions for Con programs are available upon request.  We are willing to travel outside of Texas but like to facilitate, and strongly encourage, development of local talent.

Cruize is happy to deliver Steampunk and non-Steampunk content that:

   a) serves the community at large, and

   b) promotes personal growth.  

He is not a professional dance instructor - merely an enthusiast who understands that enthusiasm is contagious.  He owns a tuxedo that he loves to wear with his top hat and has served as both a DJ and a Master of Ceremonies.


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