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Artemus Drake
  • Casselberry, FL
  • United States
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My Steamy name Artemus Drake but I have been called by other names like Master Game Hunter, Finder of Lost Antiquities and Adventure Extraordinaire just to name a few. My lovely wife, Elisenth and I came here in search of adventure and riches, only to find lovely people and strange but pleasant weather. I am from the home of our Great Queen, and my lovely wife is originally from Ireland, although it was a tale of it's own how we met, but that is another exciting tale of its own. Ellie has spent most of her young life in studies, being dragged around by yours truly, and travelling the world on the hunt for the ultimate antiquity, She is a member of Supreme Council of Antiquities, and is best known for finding some of the worlds greatest Egyptian Antiquities, although MANY men have stolen her credit. Which really steams her collar, so we won’t talk about that? She is very much a lady, but is definitely not afraid of proving herself in this Victorian man's world. That's one of those things that made me fall in love with her. She says that I am older then her in years, but not in the way I act... although I am not sure if that is a sign of her love and affection or her just being feisty. She has some amazing stories of the adventures in her life, and someday you will have to ask her to tell you her stories. As far as myself, what can I say? I'm known for selling them to the highest bidder... although my wife thinks they go to museums of the world. How else could I afford her trips and my addiction to making new gadgets? Well, my sweetheart and I love each other regardless of our views of the antiquities we find. I am from Manchester and after a short bit of military training; I worked for Pinkerton International Airship Detectives Services for many years. That is until I found my first artifact, and found that I could make a much better profit selling them then working for PIADS. Although I still have an “on call” contract with them, I have yet to go back. I have met some very interesting people in my travels. Two men of particular interest I met here in the US. I met Mr. James Butler Hickok when we were in a deadly shootout together with the McCanles Gang at the Rock Creek Pony Express Station. I must say, he was very interesting yet complicated man. The most interesting person that I have ever met so far has to be William H. Bonney whom I met on a train headed for Lincoln, Nebraska. I didn't realize whom I was talking to at the time, but he was a very crass but pleasant gentleman. Good thing he wasn't after the train I was on. It seems like we were both on a break from our treasure seeking adventures that day. I am ALWAYS in search of the most prized artifacts, which is why I am here, to tell an interesting story of some recent finds I have made. But for that I will have to direct you to the writing I did called "Zeitgeist Gems". Hope to hear from you all soon!

Artemis Drake

Zeitgeist Gems

Many, many years ago a priest friend of mine and some Native American Indians were talking about where the spirits of men go when they die. The Pastor said that the souls of those not ascended to heaven yet were kept here on this earth until it was time for them to go to heaven. The funny thing is the native people agreed, and added that they had seen what they called spirit stones that contained the ghost of those damned to stay here instead of soaring with the Great Eagle. Although I am a highly religious man, and don’t really believe all of this nonsense, I found this idea a great possibility. Imagine how much those rocks could be worth! I mean who would pass that up, I love adventure of any type, including the hunt of the most dangerous and deadly creatures of this world, even if it is in some mysterious stones that are said to contain spirits. It would be a rarity to find something so unbelievable but who knows maybe I’d eventually find some. Here is where my story becomes interesting to say the least. Over the last few years I have come across a few locations of these supposed mysterious stones. The first I found while I was with my wife in the Kings Valley outside of ancient city of Thebes on May of 1875. The second set I found while visiting and excavating in the cities of Vesuvius in July of 1877. And the last two we have found so far were found by reading the writings from ancient writers in the ruins of the cities of Alexandria and Elike in August of 1879. I don’t really think that these stones contain spirits of any kind but there are a few very interesting things that I have figured out by having these stone around. First, they have a wonderful swirling mist inside the jewels themselves that changes colors; this is why I have started to call them Zeitgeist Gems. These Zeitgeist Gems also seem to contain some sort of power source. I had one next to my old wind up clock and now it never seems to need to be wound up. I have recently started to incorporate them into my gadget making with a very interesting outcome… an indefinite power source. Although I don’t believe that these stones contain any kind of soul or spirit, there are a couple of other weird things that have been happening around these stones. The first is that I have had some weird visions lately of people who have been dead for a long time now, but I assume that that is from working to many hours under these dim lights I call my office. The most peculiar comes with the fact that recently I have decided to sell a few small gems in broaches and a few of my gem powered inventions. The strange thing I always write letters to the buyer about the item they purchased, but when the buyer gets the letter that is enclosed with the item, there is a mysterious hand written note on the back side of the letter. Every person has said that when the note gets hot (being to close to a candle or gas lantern I assume) the writing appears. I can’t explain this writing at all since I only write on one side, so I would assume someone is playing a joke on me. Anyway, my discovery has been an amazing find and I will be revealing them at this years Worlds Fair, unveiling them for the world to see as well as selling more of them in jewelry and inventions after that. I will be able to be commissioned to build items containing this amazing power source soon as well. That is if these ghostly visions will let me get some sleep. I will keep everyone posted on the progress I am making on these amazing Zeitgeist Gems. Hope to hear from you all soon!

Artemis Drake

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Thank you MegaCon steampunk vendors!!!

Posted on March 29, 2011 at 6:34am 0 Comments

I wanted to give a shout out to all the wonderful steampunk vendors that we met at MegaCon this year and share there links with everyone.

Thank you to Anthony LaGrange from Airship Archon, you are an officer (Captain) and a gentlemen, it was a pleasure getting to know you, hopefully you will make it down our way more often.


Thank you Marlie Currie from Poetic Earth for the…


Zeitgeist Gems

Posted on November 22, 2010 at 10:32am 1 Comment

Many, many years ago a priest friend of mine and some Native American Indians were talking about where the spirits of men go when they die. The Pastor said that the souls of those not ascended to heaven yet were kept here on this earth until it was time for them to go to heaven. The funny thing is the…


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At 7:24pm on January 10, 2012, Frolicking Johnson Cogginsteam said…

Excellent! Bridget and I are looking forward to meeting some of our fellow local SP folks.

At 10:47am on January 9, 2012, Frolicking Johnson Cogginsteam said…

Hi Artemus. I've been checking the sources that you named for events, but I don't see any coming up. Am I missing something? Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place? I've been checking the CFSA on here (STE) as well as the Facebook page for events, meet-ups and the like, but don't see any. Is this a slow time of year? Thank you for you assistance.


Kind regards,

Jason (Frolicking Johnson Cogginsteam)

At 12:59pm on January 3, 2012, Frolicking Johnson Cogginsteam said…

Good to hear. I would very much like to attend one of the events. Thank you very much for the information.


At 11:21am on January 3, 2012, Frolicking Johnson Cogginsteam said…

Hello Sir! Nice to meet you.

At 10:37am on October 27, 2011, Ghost Flyer said…
About the First Annual All Florida Victorian Picnic and Croquet Tournament, I was on the page and it says that the event is full! Kinda odd so soon.
At 10:40am on June 14, 2011, Jolly Roger said…
Birthday greetings my good man;)
At 8:07am on June 14, 2011, Captain Denvo Pryde said…
Happy birthday, I am stuck between dimensions hopefully your day is full of fun and excitement.
At 2:25pm on June 9, 2011, Stacey Merrill said…
I spotted a game night mentioned on the Fla Central group. Do you play modern games as well? I ask because I work for a game publisher & could prob send some samples your way if you are interested. The TimesUp! & variants are probably our most popular of the party style games
At 9:56am on May 22, 2011, Cordelia Moontea said…
Too bad you won't be able to make it to OctopodiCon, we'll certainly miss you!  How are things going in FL?
At 8:17am on April 12, 2011, TJ Liss said…
April 16th and 17th, 10am-6pm, if I knew how to send you the event invite on here I would.

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