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Airship Constantine
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Post-Apocalypse Steampunk?

Started Nov 4, 2011 0 Replies

Airship Constantine is located in the post-apocalyptic future, where in the midst of political dissent, a Resistance arises. A few of our members wear more period style clothing that seems to be of…Continue

Tags: Fashion, Unique, Style, Steampunk, Post-Apocalyptic


Welcome to the Airship Constantine!

Profile Information

Airship Constantine is a group of talented individuals who make the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Assiah become a reality. Con-goers and friends alike, look out for us at an event near you!

Owner of the S.P.A. (Steampunk Awareness)
Flagship for the S.P.A. (Steampunk Awareness) Fleet
Member of SCARS (South Central Armada of Renegade Steampunks)

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Airship Constantine

Motto: "Ex Diversitate Vires"
"From Diversity Comes Strength"

Mission Statement: The original concept of the ship was based off of a need to belong. In continuing with this concept, you cannot fly a ship without the power of a team. In the effort to develop the potential and many talents of all aboard our ship, not one of us own's its accomplishments in its entirety. Airship Constantine is our ideal and it belongs to all of us...

World of Origin: Assiah is home to the post-apocalyptic future of a world you once knew, destroyed by the power of alchemy. Hidden in the shadows of the new world, the Vatican Remnant rises as the primary force to fight the Sons of the Devil, individuals who have fallen to the overwhelming power of a man known only as Mephistopheles, who seeks to use alchemy to turn this world once again. Seeking the aide of the Airship Constantine, the ship that commands the growing Resistance against the repressive governments developing across the world in wake of his expanse, the rebellious crew must undergo a journey to discover where the lines between reality, freedom, and justice are, as the airship crew who formed a movement are tested to their limits to fight an enemy unlike the world has ever seen...

The Rebel Crew of Constantine:
Captain Vivienne Eeva Valentina

Officers/Trusted Council:
-Ambassador (Networking Officer): Callista Rose Valentina
-Chief Engineer: Alistair Elijah De La Barge
-Alchemist: The High Inquisitor
-Tactical Officer: Sir Edward Michael Ellington
-Surgeon/Minister: Renaldo Chimalli Panalucia
-Communications Officer: Eugene Bernhard
-Recon Officer/Scout: James Indiana Noel

General of the Resistance: Xulo Kaid
Historian: LT. Phineas Thaddington III
Pilot: Raelyn Alitiel Sinnett
Navigator: Damien Valentina
Friendly Creature: Meredith Blackfisk
Unicorn Hunter: Escella
Artificer: Isiah Yates

Main Enemies to the Future of Assiah:
Leader of the Sons of the Devil: Mephistopheles
The Enchantress/Mistress of Chaos: Lux(anna)
The Demoness: Nora Zavia Tsarev
Vagabond: Asher Penuel (Six Arrow)

Honorary Comrades of the Constantine:
Gabino Gonzalez
Joey Suarez
Maestro Otaku
Bryan Callahan
Chris Holm

The world order of yesterday has collapsed. After the wake of the Great Hole's terror, large expanses of desert areas now flood the planet. Whole nation's have disappeared with the collapse of capitalism, it's substructures, networks, and the already very real ecological damage of the Shift. The events unfolded so rapidly that the world grew into chaos as the survivors are left to witness the consequences of humanity's sins. The Dystopian period remains a vision of anarchy and death as life on Earth remains at a standstill.

In time, humanity would rebuild itself, the Restoration period introduced the creation of small communities and a system of bartering. When radio operations came into usage, communities became towns and cradle cities began to form, adapting to the changing world. Oral history led the restoration period, as knowledge of the old became the pretense for the new world.

With the rise of the Neovictorian elite, the New World created new heirarchal structures and cities. Dictatorships begin to form and the new world begins to take a drastic turn as power becomes limited to only a few, mercilous beings. Power is everything, and in this dystopian world, thousands are left to fend for themselves against the remnants of what used to be.

Airship Constantine was formed out of this post-apocalyptic world. They are travelers, comrades, family, and refugees hunted by a repressive government thirsty for blood. But, what brought this particular cohort together was survival. In the face of dangers beyond imagination, we take to the skies to watch the world crumble under it's own weight and to be there when it happens.


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At 6:03pm on April 2, 2016, Captain said…
At 1:17pm on August 19, 2013, Wiktor Kostka said…

 Looking for Airsheep, 

   I em Veektor Khostka, I em new to area oov San Antonio. I find life es easier vith a team.

 { I am new to steampunk and trying to find locale group to explore this new passion.}

At 2:51pm on April 02, 2013, A D Cruize gave Airship Constantine a gift
Happy birthday!
At 10:14pm on June 3, 2012, Nivatima AhlaSteam said…

Thank you! I'm flattered you enjoyed it. :) 

At 10:49am on November 10, 2011, Marquis of Vaudeville said…

Thank you immensely and hail to the amazing crew of Airship Constantine! We hope to see you all again soon! Kind Regards

At 8:05am on November 7, 2011, Captain Ian Kincaide said…
Thank you for the warm welcome.  It's a pleasure to be here and start a new journey...
At 9:21am on November 2, 2011, Time_Mistress said…

Thank you so much!!

You can see more about us here:


I will upload more photos!

cheers from Italy!


At 9:37am on October 28, 2011, Savannah Ashworth said…
Thank you for the welcoming  :)
At 6:19am on October 28, 2011, Accessory Queen said…
Many thanks for the salutations. I'm hoping that any adventures will also include acquisitions of the accessorial type :-)
At 7:02pm on October 27, 2011, Captain Mortig Janu said…

Hail  and Sa'lu from the mighty skyclipper Matoha, I thank ye for ye haloo


-Captain Mortig Janu

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2013 Schedule: Guesting and Attendance

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