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Alice Gulch
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Alice Gulch here. Purveyor of fine poisons and eccentric locking mechanisms. I've got what you need!

You may also know me as Vanessa M. La Due (Lt., NY Sky Patrol); Ella Worthington (Miskatonic U. archaeological consultant); or Lacey (everyday shmoe).

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At 9:47pm on October 26, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
Kamrade Gulch. I have some distressing developments. Oberst von Traze has taken a contingent of our DOAK Riflemen to assist our Afrikan friend Chief Katakana who’s settlement has been under direct threat from zees French und English low lifes. I have been put in charge of zis mission und command of our Zepplin until ze Oberst returns.

Ze last report our Oberst und riflemen sent assist our Afrikan friends vere attacked by an overwhelming force and ze natives und our soldaten vere driven into ze hinterlands und are now considered missing-in-action. Fortunately ze Oberst is like a fox of ze desert und is not so easily subdued.

Ze mission too rescue you from zese low lifes is still quite on course. Ve shall be in position for your extraction at about 08:30. I must stay with the Zepplin too coordinate ze mission and be in contact with our forces in ze area. I am sending ze Gelandewagen und a most effective strike-team under Kommand of Wachtmeister Steiner to bring you to safety. If you are able to capture zat sweinhundt Poppeycock, zis would be sehr useful, as he should prove too be most valuable for intelligence. Keep your self safe as the Oberst mentioned awarding you ze Service Cross 1st Klass for your excellent service to ze Empire.

Oberwachtmeister Brehm
At 7:36am on September 16, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
Kamrade you are certainly in a most precarious situation. Ja I am acquainted with zis English schweinhundt, but be most careful as he also is very adept at staying alive. Having a good idea of your location we could be in position to extract you and the pigdog from your predicament in about 28 hours. We will land ze Zepplin some kilometers from your location and vill drive ze gelandewagen and pick you up.

Most enlightening zat ze French have their eyes on zis part of Afrika, but I am sure zat ze English are some how behind zis whole incursion. Vords of advice komrade, keep Poppycock to your front and when venturing out make him take lead, better too let him take a bullet zen you.

Vhen ve are close to your position I shall communicate further and consolidate ze details. Very excellent job on ze information you have gathered so far it vill prove most useful.

von Traze
At 8:55am on September 8, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
Zeese Afrikaners are so predictable. I am vell acquainted vith Weetumba's followers. Leading with your advice the Oberwachmeister and I attended the tribal ceremony which celebrated ze coming harvest season. The tribal chieftain und I have been friends for some years now und zere vas no hint of troubles und I vas even allowed to dispense some of ze blessings for ze harvest. Ze Oberwachmeister vas given ze special privilege of ze pleasures of vune of ze chieftain's frau's. I vas offered vun of ze chieftains favorite daughters, but alas I am already married. Zees Africans have such interesting kustoms. A most fulfilling evening which delighted ze Oberst as to the true freundshaft of our Afrikan freunds. Although upon returning to our gelandewagen vee were ambushed und a grand fire fight ensued. Ze Oberwachmeister and I expelled most of our munitions defeating ze rabble . Fortunately mein guter freund ze chieftain intervened und ze buschvakers vere sent scrambling and amongst ze dead vere some of our native help. Aber schade as zese vere some of ze best cooks ve had. Somehow I think zis is not ze last of our troubles. Vat have you discovered by tracking ze Monsieur?

Oberst von Traze
At 11:38pm on September 2, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
My good lady, thank you greatly for the Prussain Blue antidote. I shal use it most judiciously as the Oberwachtmeister and I travel to many perilous locations and it always good to have a backup. Most interesting interrogation of your lead. Interestingly enough I have heard the villagers speak of this Wi. Weetumba is the full name and he is supposidly a direct descendant of the original Tanganyikains, a god like race that cares for all worldly things. Wie ist mein Englisch? Nicht schlecht fur einer Preussen.

G. von Traze
Oberst, DOAK
At 10:23pm on September 1, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
Meine gute Dame, hier ist etwas deutsches üblich. das Gift zerstreuen sich an ein paar Tagen. Vergiftung des Wassers ist gut geplannt. ein Spion in unseren Rängen.
Sie werden gut ausgeglichen.

G. von Traze
At 1:20pm on August 30, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
Meine dangerous but beautiful Komrade, You must visit mein page to review ze many interestant commenten regarding you and ze 1896 Mauser.
Wit grandem Respekt!
G. von Traze.
At 12:29am on August 30, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
Ja, you vill be a vurthie recruit to das Deutsches Ost Afrika Korps. Vee are vell zupplied und even besser trained. Ve haf a kommission in das DOAK fur individuals who are able to further ze aims of ze empire. Ve especially haf need of somewun who kan kounter ze sveinhunds zat poison ze wasser supplies in ourer Kolonies. You vill enchoy Afrika very much!!
At 12:32am on August 28, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
Yu haf made ze besten zelection. Yu appieren most formidible! Ze Ost Afrika Korps kood uze zumvun ov yur talenten. Guter schau!

Oberst von Traze
At 12:55am on August 27, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
Keine profil photo was ist los? Wie gehts der Steampunk rendezvous im Folsom?
At 7:13pm on August 24, 2010, Gregor von Traze said…
Ja, wilkommen to ze empire, meine feine Dame! Hopefoll haven wir ourere meetink in ze very near distance. Wit grandem Respekt!
G. von Traze
Kommandeur der Ost Afrika Korps.

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