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Josephine "Red Skye" Sawyer
  • Female
  • Framingham, MA
  • United States
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Rose From Sky Captain Hannibal Solomon Basket of Kittens From Nash the Tinkerer - Ryan

Red Skye at night, sailor's delight. ;)

"Well, if it isn't the Clockwork Babydoll herself. Hands in the air, Sawyer."


"Gentlemen, this fallen angel is the illegitimate daughter of art and science. A modern marvel of engineering, clockworks elevated to the very natural process which even now is in your blood, racing, your eyes flashing at such irreproachable beauty. Here is Gaia, here is Eve, here is Lilith, and I stand before you as her father. Sprung fully-formed from my brow, dewy and sweet; she can be yours and yours again, for her flesh is the incorruptible pale to be excused from the wages of sin." 








Name: Josephine "Red Skye" Sawyer
Age: 21

Birthdate: October 17
Birth Place: Northern Ireland.
Current Location: Somewhere... I don't like to keep track of location. The sky is so big...
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Auburn
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 125lbs
Tattoos: None that you need to know about.
Profession: I do what I can. ;)

Hobbies: Writing, sewing, single-handedly ransacking entire ships...
Addiction: Adrenaline
Overused Phrase: "...yeah?"

Josephine Sawyer is one of the sky's most notoriously adorable she-pirates. She moves from ship to ship frequently, changing her name as she goes to avoid being tracked down. She is known for her incredibly precise movement, particularly in dance or hand to hand combat. This makes her irritatingly difficult for the authorities to capture, and so she regularly allows herself to be caught just for the hilarious thrill that she gets from escaping again. When in a situation that she cannot escape, she never fails to win the heart of her captor/opponent and her freedom.  She spends time sewing and causing trouble on the ship.

She was born in Northern Ireland, where she lived with her father until the age of ten. Soon after her birthday, her father, Patrick, got a job for a sky hotel called The Crowley Inn. While living on this aircraft, she met Randall and Kurt Crowley, the twin sons of the innkeeper and his wife. They shared a birthday with Josephine, and had also just turned ten. The three became inseperable. When they all turned sixteen, they spent nearly every cent that they had together on one ultimate prize: Their very own ship. H.M.S. Arachne IV was small, but perfect for their adolescent crew of three. Jo and the twins left the Crowley Inn forever.

A mere two months later, Randall began to drink. Heavily. He was a violent drunk, and despite his twin's pleas, would take all sorts of anger out on Josephine. So she left them, heartbroken, the value of friendship all but shattered to her. She began a turbulent life as a working girl on the London streets. Her seventeenth birthday came and went, and she nearly drank herself to death in personal celebration. That night, she broke into a docked ship and stowed away in the hold, intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness, only looking for a place to sleep that night.

When she awoke, Jo was flying with Captain Maxwell Huxley and several others aboard the H.M.S. Mary Stella. She stayed with this crew fora little under a year before her rocky romance with the captain ended, and she moved on.


She now flies with her good friend Arabella Porter, the first mate on the SS. Silver Widow, and does as little as she possibly can to help out around the ship. 


"Life is hard, but you've only got 100 years to live it. So let's live. If you've got a smile for the world, wear it. If you've got a drink in your hand, share it."
-Josephine Sawyer

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At 7:22am on January 1, 2014, Leslie Orton said…

Congratulations, you have been selected at random to receive a copy of the third edition of The Aether Chronicle! Enjoy!


At 12:47am on November 26, 2011, Nadia Dupuis said…

No, the corset is from decadent designs (anniversary gift) and the rest was random stuff from my closet.

At 10:20am on October 17, 2011, Jolly Roger said…
Ahoy and happy day ma'am, on this the anniversay of yer birth;)
At 1:11pm on July 7, 2011, Ravenstar said…
At 11:57am on May 12, 2011, Artemis Lovegood said…

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